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10 Must-See Murals in Houston’s East End

Gosh, how great is Houston’s East End? I swear, there’s new stuff opening over there every month and they are always fun, funky, and/or delicious. Great news — the murals are also superb!!

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Let’s hit it, y’all! Here are my 10 must-see murals in Houston’s East End!

Harrisburg Art Museum — 4200 Harrisburg Blvd.

This one’s a bit hard to find — the art isn’t facing the street so you have to loop around the building. This whole area was completely empty when I went, but it wasn’t somewhere I wanted to spend a lot of time in. Still, it’s so pretty and grungy and I am obsessed. BTW. There’s also a big star then “Texas” too — so hard to get it all in one photo!

Artist: Unknown

Space City Mural — 3101 Harrisburg Blvd

This spot at Space City Credit Union is really like three in one! Pictured here are two — the Houston with the skyline and the trademark EE for East End is behind me! On the other side of this wall is another East End mural.

Artists: Up Art Studio

East End District — 3211 Harrisburg Blvd

Obsessed with this one! Right off Harrisburg — you’ll blink and miss it — this one is high visibility in terms of people seeing you strike your pose… but worth it.

Artist: Donkey Boy

East River Project — 100 Jensen Dr.

Not going to lie, this one is my fave. Fronting the rising East End River Project, I hope they never move or repaint these storage containers. You’ve got bluebonnets, space, ship channel, sunflowers, and so much more!

Artist: David Maldonaldo

East End: Birthplace of Houston — 3715 Harrisburg Blvd

This one is HUGE — my photo couldn’t even capture it all! And, it’s an OG — been here for 20 years! It captures many parts of Houston and Texas history. You can stare at it for like 30 minutes and still keep seeing something new!

Artist: Jesse Sifuentes

Navigation — 3130 Navigation Blvd.

Chances are, if you’ve ever driven in East End, you’ve seen this one! Three paper airplanes soar on the side of the red brick Longhorn Building alongside an old train track.

Artist: Jesse Sifuentes

Radiate Love (and other Headquarters murals) — 3302 Canal St.

A three-for-one! These murals are on the side of Headquarters and in front of some parking spots, which makes photography kind of hard some days (probably mostly week days).

Artists: A few!

Houston Raised Me — 3326 Canal St.

This one is for my native Houstonians — like me! This mural is way bigger than I was expecting and is in an interesting spot: on the side of a Valero Gas Station.

Artist: Unknown

East End Backyard — 1105 Sampson St

OK just know this photo does not do East End Backyard any justice! The whole place is FULL of painted fences. I need to go back again! But I do love this Cougar pride mural by the UH Hispanic Alumni.

Astist: Many!!

Segundo Barrio — 2901 Canal St

OK, I tried. This one was blocked by cars, and I’m sure you know, that’s a big risk at this mural in specific. But, I do love it — it’s big and purple and cute (so long as cars aren’t blocking it!! Maybe try going in the morning? It’s on the side of a restaurant, so that should help!

Artist: Angel Quesada

What are your favorite murals in Houston’s East End?

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