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How to Wear Yoga Pants to Work

Ahh, winter. The two months of not 80-90 degree weather. Blissful. Magical. Static-full. It’s my favorite time of year! I get to eat a lot, I get to wear cute, seemingly new clothes (because they reside in the back of my closet for 10 months a year), and I get to have an excuse to stay inside and watch Harry Potter. The warm cocktails creep back on the menus, soup becomes a solid lunch option, and—perhaps most important to me—I get to sneak yoga pants into work.

tumblr_inline_mxoel4kBR71rf9wqwNow, determining personality trait with me: I would live in yoga pants absolutely everywhere if it was socially acceptable. Honestly, I spent 50 percent of my weekend in a zebra-print onesie—completely un-ironically, so yoga pants out at non-yoga events is actually better than my natural state.

Despite this, when going to work I try to be chic—I work at a magazine for God’s sake! I can’t come in wearing a T-shirt that has holes in the armpits—one that I wear pretty frequently at home. This is all to say, I subscribe to the Express portfolio shirts and creased slacks regularly at work. But, winter, you fabulous thing you, you allow me to sneakily wear yoga pants to work. And here’s how.

It’s all in the design.

tumblr_m6v02jfLyt1rateeto1_500Most people can’t tell the difference between leggings and yoga pants. And,  However, there are some determining attributes to yoga pants: colored top panels or stitching and, more prominently, fun phrases like “Bad Ass” on the butt. Obviously, these won’t do in the work place. Also, the cotton, fading materials don’t work. Make sure to get completely black yoga pants that have a high percentage of spandex. **Be sure you’re wearing the skin-tight, skinny yoga pants. Straight-legged or baggy ones will give you away.

Pair with a good top.

tumblr_me42uhDyWd1rfb532o1_500We know you’re wearing pants. You’re friends might know you’re wearing pants. But, your employers don’t know you’re wearing pants. So, in keeping with the yoga-pants-as-leggings facade, pair your pants with a long top or short dress—the nicer the better! It will detract  from the casualness of your pants. Or, since everyone understands winter: a chunky sweater.

Boom. Boots.

tumblr_myfxaphpb71sxittxo1_400If you’re gonna fool your coworkers, you gotta wear knee-high boots. That way, the yoga pants are half hidden by your boots and your long top!

*Bonus Points: Add a long coat.

Clearly, in the 40 degree weather, you’re strutting in with a scarf up to your nose and a coat to your knees. And—just like that—your yoga pants are hidden as you walk through the whole office.




OK… yeah. I’m not fooling anyone am I?


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