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Moving Sidewalk is Moving on up


306 Main Street

It’s pretty tragic to lose something you love. Now, I’m not sure if Goro and Gun and I really loved each other, we hadn’t used the “L” word per say, but anytime I was in or near Market Square I made an effort to get there. I remember specifically talking the place up to my friends and bragging that I knew of it and no one else did. Clearly, I wasn’t a good enough patron because good ole G&G closed its doors to be replaced by Moving Sidewalk.

The ultra-confusing menu.

The ultra-confusing menu.

I held no prejudice for Moving Sidewalk. It was G&G’s time to go and a new bar will always move in. Market Square is a hub for strong, put-some-hair-on-your-chest cocktails. Think: bourbon and scotch with bitters and cognac. So naturally, that is where Moving Sidewalk’s specialty lies.

We stared at an approval matrix-inspired menu in utter confusion. What are we even looking at. There was a x- and y-axis that involved way too much thinking for a bar with strong drinks. So, after finding the list version on the other side, we settled on drinks that made us feel like characters in a play. I got a Floradida and my friend got a swanky brandy drink called the Princeton cocktail, but gosh I think we missed the good ones. There’s an Anna Nicole Smith drink and lots of others with fun names.

IMG_0156My Florida drink, which is what it was and will always be referred to as, had fun citrus and sugar mixed into coconut rum. I was a girl on spring break while my friend tied her sweater on her shoulders and denied any man who didn’t have a trust fund from talking to her. We were definitely in character.

IMG_0157What was really fun was when they made our drinks they did some sort of sorcery where they put smoke in the glass. The magic (which was probably dry ice) sat and cooled the glasses and then they dumped the smoke onto the bar. When they added the drinks cold from the shaker, ice literally formed on the outside of my glass. I was so impressed by these magicians.


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