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Belly Up to Highland Village for Some Ra-wesome Sushi

After years and years of “would you rather” games, I’m thinking more and more that I could absolutely live off only sushi for the rest of my life. But, if prompted: “Would you rather eat only pizza for the rest of your life or sushi?” I think I would definitely opt for pizza—BC PIZZA! You put ANYTHING on it and it’s delicious. But, if you differentiated between Ra Sushi and some standard pizza place, OH YEAH RA ALL THE WAY. And I think it’s mainly because A. Ra has a KILLER happy hour with amazing drinks, and B. Ra has this great foundation of delicious rolls, but also has a rotating menu of drinks and food specials. Oh and this winter’s? It’s prime. Don’t believe me? Salivate over my pictures…


The “Oops I Chugged It” award: Baby Passion (which is the same as the punch bowl but an individual serving). It’s coconutty, pinappley, rummy, and just everything that reminds you of the beach. Not sure why this is on the “Winter” menu, but it does help you more than prozac to get out of the cold-weather blues.

The “Oops I’m Drunk” award: Lychee Margarita. Wow is that puppy strong. And, for those of you who do not know what a lychee is, uhhhh this is not the place for you to learn. This might be, but I don’t care because it was delicious. TEQUILA TEQUILA.

The “Oops I’m Making a Duck Face” award: Blue Ginger Martini. This is a grown-up’s lemonade with blueberries. It’s tart. Nuff said.


The “I Can’t Stop Eating This” award: Edamame. Like, this wasn’t your normal sea salt edamame. I could. not. stop. eating. It was spicy and idk mysterious bc no one ever explained it to me. Ahh, edamame. You’ll forever be the one that got away.. love you…

The “Wait I’d Actually Order This Instead of the Vegas Roll” award: The Viva Las Vegas roll is my BAE when it comes to Ra, but man the red heart roll might have just cut in line.

The “Tastes Just Like Chicken” award: Seared Tuna. Literally, tastes like chicken… or steak? Or like, idk, NOT fish.

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