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#BoxHaul: A Little Birdy Told Me

That bird is Twitter. Side rant on Twitter: This is the social media for marketing. Think about it! Where else can you effing TAG DIRECTLY to someone famous/a store/anyone. It’s just such a cool concept. Well, sometimes except for the bots. But, you know they aren’t all bad.

SO, when I rant about my love for Birchbox here on #BoxHaul, and then tweeted and tagged @birchbox… a little Twitter bot told me about Scentbird, a subscription service that allows you to get 0.27 oz of perfume for a monthly fee of $15. You pay the fee, and pick a new scent a month.

You pick from more than 350 scents (Gucci, Gucci, Fendi, Fendi, Prada—etc.)—you even take a scent quiz, in which Scentbird will recommend you some perfumes.

Then, after placing your order, you’ll get your scent in the mail. Your first purchase includes a case for you to slip the vile into. You twist the spray up and down to open it/spritz yourself. There’s also a cute velvet pouch for your thingy (probably not the proper term).

If you’re not sold, think of it this way: You get to try a new perfume EVERY MONTH! You can use it to try out new scents, or HELLO! get access to some really pricy perfume for $15 a month.

Cost comparison:

I got Marc Jacobs Daisy (luh it, one of my favorites by far). Sephora sells a 0.24 oz rollerball for $24. I got 0.27 oz for $15.

Not all the scents calculate to be *THAT* much of a bargain. But you can’t argue with convenience and variety.

It’s definitely not a bad concept. I can’t wait to try more scents! Subscribe and try for yourself!

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