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Bach Sh*t Crazy

So, I’m having trouble typing this because my I rolled my eyes so many times last night, they are permanently stuck there. Sorjsy forr any smelling mitoks.

As we all know, Kelsey is absolutely insane, and everyone else is pretty hilarious about it. Here are some things that were said/tweeted


“There’s something in the air. Bitches be crazy.”


“Did she not have enough time in his bedroom?”


“Because I don’t have a sad story, this isn’t going to go well for me.”

Chris did a dick Chris thing… he stole Britt and took her to a concert of Mr. and Mr. Country Stars. Like, just marry her and send everyone else home, kay? Then y’all can live together for approximately 5 weeks, then be on the cover of US Weekly when y’all break up she breaks up with you because this girl does NOT wants to live in Iowa.

So, KardAshley is a real thing……… just so you know.



“I am real and she’s fake.” (about Kelsey). I wouldn’t go THAT far, Kardashley.


ugh idk she said something but I was throwing up.


“I need someone who gets a long with other people.” Why… bc there’s no other people in Iowa.

Then the literal worst both went home.

Then the biggest eye roll:

Two-night affair next week. Kill me.

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