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I’m OK with Chocolate and Wine

I love networking. Maybe this is my life, as formed by #jschool (journalism, for the non-journos), but it feels crucial to existence. All sorts of things come from networking: Story ideas, connections to great companies/potential job prospects, and, TG, friends! Gotta love it.

So, when I heard of one of these “networking events” through my all-girls high school, Saint Agnes Academy, and I heard that the next event was chocolate (UM OK SURE) and wine (HAHAH ALWAYS YES PLEASE MORE) I was all about that.

giffer-5The place was Cacao and Cardamom in the Galleria Area. Coolest place ever. Owned and operated (every single piece of chocolate made in-house) by an Academy woman, Annie Rupani.

Here are five fast facts about this place and it’s chocolates—which are TA DIE FOR.

  1. The chocolate is from twenty different countries. TWENTY. And it makes a difference. Iceland, for instance, has some great dairy for chocolate.
  2. OK, wait those are truffles: the beautiful little pieces of candy have an amazingly scrumptious center made from all sorts of weird shit. Think: ginger, lavender, and I swear I saw a sriracha one.
  3. Cocoa butter makes the chocolates real smooth and shinny. It’s literally magical.
  4. Chocolate martinis are amazing… and way too easy to drink fast. Oops.
    Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.34.47 PM
  5. Yeah, ok this is ART.
    Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.34.34 PM


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