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benjy’s Might Be #BrunchKlub’s New Fav Spot

benjys in the village brunch

A few weeks ago, ze fantabulous brunchers and I went to benjy’s in Rice Village. If you’re anything like me right now you’re a) super jealous I didn’t invite you because you know how brilliant benjy’s is, and b) super miffed about the way they spell their name. Why no caps? Whyyy?

Anyways, focusing on the positive. It’s possibly the cutest little place ever. Love the décor. The chairs are super cool. Probably not the best to sit in if you’re a big guy. But super cool anyways. It’s so chic. And hip. And everything that I want my life to be. So I will probably return here again and again so that it’s coolness rubs off on my life. There’s also a second floor and may or may not be a patio. Will need to explore further next time.

So rolling in for brunch on Sunday at 11am, and the place is PACKED. We get a table pretty quick and they put bread and marmalade jam on the table. Yes please. They’re off to a good start.

I order a Pepperoncini Infused Bloody Mary because I’m all about that spice. It turns out to be hella strong and I couldn’t finish it (that’s saying something). Another friend got the Champagne Mojito which looked delicious as well.

Entrees were a bit standard. I got an omelette with tomatoes, mushrooms, and a spicy tomatillo sauce. It was an effing huge serving–probably like 6 eggs in it. I ended up just picking around it and eating the filling and the breakfast potatoes on the side. Next time, I’m definitely going for the Vegetarian Frito Pie instead. Other friends got the Steak & Eggs plate which was deemed pretty good and benjy’s  Breakfast Plate which is totally for the indecisive breakfast eater–it has everything from eggs to French toast on there.

ALSO. Apparently you can get their brunch menu 7 days a week! WAHAATTT! Dude I’m down for some Tuesday brunch. Hell yes. Will definitely be back benjy’s. Until next time keep on keeping on.




3 thoughts on “benjy’s Might Be #BrunchKlub’s New Fav Spot

  1. That place is the best! I went on a Sunday and ordered the Mahi Mahi Sandwich and my fiance ordered the Bistro Burger. They were both SO delicious and I thought the prices were great too! We are definitely looking forward to going again. It was nice finding this spot!

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