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Adair Kitchen Brunch Wins at Life

adair kitchen

A few weeks ago, Brunch Klub headed to Adair Kitchen, located in the Galleria area. I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a bit informal for brunch, as you order at the counter and get a number. The wait at the counter is a bit long but the food is delivered nearly immediately. In the time it took me to fill up my water glass and return to the table, my food was there. In the wise words of my friend Cara: “This place is cheaper than it looks. And faster than it looks.” I couldn’t have said it better.

IMG_5963I spent like $9 on an entrée and then basically the same amount on some fresh pressed juice. Both totally worth it. The menu is full of healthy options. I was having a quarter-life crisis trying to decide if I wanted to go with the make-your-own breakfast tacos or the homemade black bean quinoa burger. I usually never have this problem as a vegetarian. Like there are usually not that many veggie friendly options on the menu. But this place had some serious selection. And since recently I’ve been on a veggie burger kick (and didn’t want to deal with making even more deicions to deceide what was to go in the breakfast tacos), I went with the burger.  No regrets were had. It was a luscious black bean quinoa burger with a cilantro mayo sauce on a fluffy perfectly toasted bun. I even liked the side house salad. And the fact that it was delivered to me in negative minutes, I was all about that immediate satisfaction.


I also got the Think Pink Juice. They have quite the extensive Juice Bar at Adair and the juices don’t disappoint. (Side note: do we think juices are trending right now? Or is that just me?). It was this beautiful pink color and made of beets, pineapple, strawberry, grapefruit, ginger and lime. Described as an “immunity kickstart,” it had that earthy, dirt taste of beets (I kid you not) but it was complimented very nicely by the ginger and citrus fruits. Disclaimer: Beets are messy. Don’t get that ish on your hands. It will stain you. And you will look like you are bleeding. #brunchstruggles


All around bunch was a success. The breakfast tacos were beautiful and cheap (I might return for those). The egg croissant sandwich was prepped with a Mediterranean twist with feta and greens. The daily scramble and huevos rancheros didn’t disappoint either. Will definitely be back!

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