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Melange Creperie is moving.

I know.

Saddest day ever.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about…. well, Melange Creperie is kind of a big deal.  This Montrose icon that  has posted up on the corner of Taft and Westhiemer for the past five years and has basically redefined to the world what crepes are. It’s this little food cart with two circular burners and a chalkboard tacked out front that announces the specials of the day. Items on the menu range from the classic ham/egg/cheese and banana/nutella combo to the exotic arugula/pickled veggies/Andouille sausage or egg/cilantro/sriracha/wonton.

Despite its humble appearance, Melange Creperie always draws a big crowd. Whether its at its weekend spot in Montrose or its Wednesday lunch spot Downtown Houston. When you walk up there’s always people there, and always some sort of line. The wait can get kind of long, but it’s never not been worth it. The guy who owns it (Sean Carroll) is a Houston character and has an incredible memory. I’ve been to Melange Creperie before where there’s 20-25 people waiting around for a crepe and he remembers the order in which everyone showed up. Walking up to the cart he’ll point at you, tell you what number you are in line and give you the wait time. If you want to stay, he’ll probably give you one of his signature tag lines “Heck yeah! Awesome!” but if waiting out in the Houston sun for 45 minutes isn’t your thing, don’t worry Sean understands (he’s from upstate New York) and he’ll likely say “Heck yeah! No prob!”

Melange Creperie Sean CarrollThe ingredients at Melange Creperie are as local as can be. The flour for the batter, the eggs, and the cheese, and much of the produce often come from somewhere in Texas. The humble cart has gotten all sorts of press all over Texas. I’ve been to the cart twice in the past year when there was a news crew filming. The first was this video filmed by the Houston Chronicle.  My most recent adventure was today and it was ABC. I’ll get back to you if I find the link and appear in the film. I got interviewed a few times today and they took several not so attractive shots of me biting into my crepe. They really wanted to hear that *crunch* (I kid you not).


When I go I always try to get the most exotic crepe on the menu. Today’s crepe starred rutabaga + carrot samosa with an egg. It was beautiful. Homemade chutney, Indian flavors with the perfect amount of spice and the most satisfying crunch of the crepe. Ahhh I’m getting hungry all over again.

If you haven’t checked out Melange Creperie, you must before this Houston treasure leaves its iconic spot on the corner of Taft and Westhiemer. The cart shares a parking lot with Mango’s Cantina and its lease ends on March 29. So you have about a week to check this treasure off your Houston bucket list. I repeat: YOU HAVE ONE WEEK TO GET THE BEST CREPES EVER. Disclaimer: They may or may not change your life.

Good news is, even though Melange Creperie is moving from its normal location, it recently raised a bunch of money on Kickstarter to start a brick and mortar place. And in the meantime, I think you will still be able to find them at the Downtown Houston Library for Food Truck Wednesdays. But that still doesn’t change the urgency in which I implore you to stop by the Montrose location before March 29. THE CREPES WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

So in summary:

  • Friday- Sunday: Westheimer & Taft 9am – 2pm (ish)
  • Wednesdays: Downtown Houston Library 11-1 (ish)
  • Best crepes ever.

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11 thoughts on “Melange Creperie: GET YOUR CREPES BEFORE THEY’RE GONE

  1. Not according to natives- the area is never referred to as upstate. There is not a whole lot of “up” about the area when you look at the NY state map but is very, very west.

  2. For those of us who would like to know what Sean’s hometown is, please elaborate. I’m curious because I visited the Finger Lakes region last summer.

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