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10 Things You Can Do to Fill the Bachelor-Sized Hole in Your Heart

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 7.57.01 PMOK, if I’m being honest… I don’t *really* miss watching Prince Farming bumble and burp along for two hours every Monday night. I don’t miss the girl drama and bathing suit scenes. I definitely don’t miss roses—ick.

BUT….. like huge but. Nikki Minaj-sized but. I do miss my friends coming over and I miss drinking wine and eating corn-related foods. I even miss writing about each episode! I miss it all… mostly. And, if you’re a Bachelor fan (ew, Bachelor Nation, or whatever they call it), you probs miss it all too.

Hey! I can help. Here are 10 things you can do while drinking with friends on Monday to fill that hole in your heart until next season.

Best of luck… personally, number 2 has to be my favorite. Half-priced drinks, here we come.

1. Obviously, watch one of the other reality dating shows that are swimming in possibilities for great TV.

2. OK, OK… step away from the TV. Who’s down for a happy hour roulette? All you do is pick a bunch of fun HHs and write them down on sheets of paper. Choose the least drunk/most responsible soul (the one who cleaned up after your watch parties) and draw a new HH each Monday. Hello, alcohol and girl talk. Also, hello to learning the best places in Houston! Pro tip: use this time to people watch, and you maintain  the judgement of strangers aspect of the show.



3. Train for a marathon. HAHAH this isn’t sarcastic. Why not take an opportunity to get some fitness in your life?! Plus, training for a marathon with your friends brings you 2890 times closer. Trust us.

IMG_6076 4. Investigate the existence of aliens. Obvi, shot every time someone says something crazy.


5. ROTATING DINNER PARTY! Each week, someone cooks and everyone else brings booze. YUMS FOR THE TUMS.

6. Monday movie night. Switch up going to the theater and Redboxing it. You’re going to catch up on the blockbusters FAST. Also, did you know most movies are SHORTER than what we’ve been watching on Monday night bachelor?! Mind. Blown.


7. Friends who craft together, stay together. How fun would sitting down with a bunch of friends and wine and paint or something. So fun! Probably not a realistic weekly thing—crafts get expensive! But… I mean… Pinterest is ENDLESS.

8. Write for us? I mean… how fun would that be? Send us an email and let’s make this a thing…


9. Start a cat rock band. You could totally do it.


10. Just rewatch the who goddamn season. There were too many gems.


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