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This Just In: Jury Duty is the WORST

It happened. I got it. A jury summons. My third—if you’re keeping count (I’ve now hit them all: city, county and district). I pretty much knew the deal. You show up, drink free coffee and wait. You watch a video and fill out form after form. Then, you get dismissed, right? I could miss a day of work, no prob.

Well, that didn’t happen. I spent FIVE days in federal court hearing a civil case between two business owners. It was mildly interesting and I think we did a great job as a jury, but how annoying is that?! But unfortunately, my week was even worse. The only positive was making “#JuryDuty as a #Millennial” a thing, so there’s that.

Day 1: I’ll be out of here in a hot second.

I only got lost approximately 2 times before finding where I was supposed to be. #success. I was trying to keep myself distracted by some minor observations about the process…

Day 2: Yay for food.

By the second day, I get used to the commute, the annoying metal detector security check, and #godbless the wifi code. Also, I figured out that food is a thing the jury gets (well, breakfast).

Day 3: How dare you.

OK, isn’t doing your civic duty supposed to give you great karma/juju/luck or anything?! Well it didn’t. Day three meant a parking ticket at the house I was staying at in Montrose. Muy triste.

Day 4: “We’re almost done, your Honor.”

…is a big fat lie lawyers say. We FINALLY get our jury instructions and ACTUALLY learned what we had to decide on (17 things, btw). We got all this at 4:30. Lawyers suck. Bring on day two.

Day 5: Put a fork in me, I’m PISSED.

AGAIN PLS TELL ME WHERE IS MY JURY JUJU!  During the wee hours of the morning of my last day of jury duty, I was at a stupid lot with stupid tow truckers and stupid, stupid people. $225 later, I got home and slept for half a minute. BUT, the end of the case meant I could tweet more again!


I loved my jury and the experience was not the worst. Small room, 8-hour (kind of boring) days, and missing so much work all wasn’t ideal, but I might even miss it a little. My fellow jurors were nice! How weird is it that I’ll never see them again?

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