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See You Spoon, Cuchara Brunch

I’ve been meaning to blog about Cuchara brunch for a while as I’ve been there not once–but twice–which is wildly unheard of in the adventures of #BrunchKlub. Thus, you know it must be pretty darn good to merit a second visit.

Cuchara (which means “spoon” in Spanish) is a quaint, neighborhood restaurant nestled in the heart of Montrose. The spot specializes in cuisine from Mexico City– and makes a delish spicy egg dish and a sweet café de olla. Many people find their way there because the Max’s Wine Dive next door has a three hour wait. Yet despite the spontaneously formed contingency plan that led us there for brunch round 2, Cuchara did not disappoint.

FullSizeRender (42)The atmosphere of the space is bright, light and modern but distinctly influenced by a colorful Mexico energy. Murals line the walls inside and chic wire furniture and lantern-like lights decorate the outdoor patio. Sitting outside is a treat (and a must in my opinion) since the restaurant overlooks the Montrose neighborhood. There is little traffic and congestion, so the air is nice and clean. People watching is great as locals are always walking by with their dogs or going for a run.

If you’re a coffee drinker start the meal off with a café de olla—spiced Mexican coffee and get it served in a earthy clay mug. Plating is everything. And Cuchara kills the presentation category by serving food in all sorts of artistic bowls and plates in bright vibrant colors. If you need something stronger than coffe, get a trough carafe of mimosas to share.

Ask for the specials because sometimes you get unique off-the-menu things like papaya mimosas or chilaquiles with hibiscus! Yes, hibiscuses are a thing that you can apparently eat. And they are glorious. As are the chilaquiles which are fried eggs served on a bed of crunchy tortilla chips with queso fresco complete with a decorative palm leaf. A solid go-to for any brunch go-er.

Cuchara was one of the first places that we ventured to for brunch, and ever since then I’ve definitely used their chilaquiles as a baseline to judge other places. In terms of service, they don’t take reservations but were able to easily accommodate a large group of 12 outside on their patio. The service was a bit slow, but given that we are always down to relax on a Sunday Funday, it’s not the end of the world to place orders and get food on a slower, more chill Mexican time.

All in all, really enjoy brunch and can’t wait to return again. Happy hour here is definitely on  my bucket list.

See you spoon, Cuchara. 



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