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Ten Podcasts for Ten Types of People

Maybe you have a long commute or are planning a road trip solo. Or maybe you’re like me and fear the silence — it’s ok. We have a friend in podcasts. Here’s ten great podcasts for pretty much everyone out there.


1. The crime-loving, NCIS-watching person (who doesn’t necessarily need closure): Serial.

If you haven’t listened to Serial before, you at least have heard of it. Listen to this podcast. It is amazing. It’s addicting. It twists and it turns and it’s brilliant.

Ready to listen: 12 episodes


Undisclosed: The State Vs. Adnan Syed is pretty much Serial but done by lawyers. It’s interesting to see how they view the case and the evidence, but not all-around enthralling.

Ready to listen: 2 episodes, 2 mini episodes.

3. The news junkie: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Wait, Wait is great and your mom or grandpa probably think so too, but don’t let that stop you from subscribing. The concept is this: they record in front of a live audience, with a panel of news people, one guy asks news questions and everyone make jokes. It’s like Whose Line is it Anyway, but informative. I find myself wanting to be there so bad, like “hahaha I got one, I got one”… I say that out loud… in my car… alone.

Ready to listen: tons and tons.


4. The person who loves YouTube vloggers: Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig.

I’m not a huge fan of vloggers, but Grace is hilarious. I find myself listening to her podcasts with people I don’t even know just bc she’s funny and what if I miss her say something funny. #FOMO

Ready to listen: 21 episodes


5. The journalist: This American Life.

Journalists tell stories, and no one does it better than This American Life. Literally, TAL is THE podcast to listen to. Because it’s like the origin of successful, storytelling podcasts. Also, Ira Glass is a king. GodKing of podcasts.

Ready to listen: tons and tons

6. The person who loves to hear about new or weird things: RadioLab

Radiolab is one of those beautiful podcasts to come from the TAL legacy. Similar story structure, but Radiolab is younger and hipper. The cool sister to TAL. I’ve heard the WEIRDEST stories on Radiolab. I love it.

Ready to listen: tons and tons

7. The psychology major: Invisibilia

Invisibilia is about all things, you guessed it, invisible. AKA our human psyche. Like, love, hate — you get it. The podcasters take a topic and use stories to depict the issue.

Ready to listen: 6 episodes.

8. The traveler: The Lineup Project

Lineup explores a location’s history and tells a few stories about it. The first episode is Mexico and its a little chilling…

Ready to listen: 1 episode

9. The TED Talk enthusiast: TED Radio Hour

So this podcast airs audio from interesting TED talks, but also the podcaster interviews the TED talker and asks them follow up questions. Really interesting!

Ready to listen: tons and tons

10. The culture lover: Pop Culture Happy Hour.

(So, I don’t listen to this one—FYI, but I needed something to balance this out) I here this one is good though. I assume they talk about movies and actors and the sort, but also that alcohol is involved? Don’t tell me if that’s wrong. I don’t wanna live in a world where happy hour doesn’t include alcohol.

Ready to listen: tons and tons


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  1. Undisclosed is just okay (except for the mindblowing thing they uncovered in the latest episode), if you like Serial the podcast Criminal is the logical next step.

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