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Feast your eyes on Dish Society brunch

Dish Society. So basically, Dish Society should be on every Houstonian’s bucket list. It’s hip and cute and has that whole farm to table thing going for them. I went there for dinner a few months ago and it changed the way I thought about mac and cheese–cauliflower and Brussels sprouts baked on top–yes please. Still dreaming about it and attempting to recreate it in my kitchen…Anyways…Dish Society is a sleek place to take your out of town family or impress your parents or dine out with your girls without breaking the bank.

Dish Society is located in a new-ish development in the Galleria area on San Felipe. It has a large indoor seating area and some tables outside (kinda in the parking garage–ew) and some on the street. For brunch you stand in line for a bit. Order at the counter. And before you have time to fill your water glass, and take your number to your table, you get your food. It’s not bad. Don’t hate it. Also, you get to avoid the awkward splitting the check 123 ways at the end of the meal.

Dish Society boasts a fat brunch menu with lots of options–classic brunch stuff (eggs/potatos/bacon), tex mex stuff (avocados, huevos rancheros), and healthy af stuff (kale and egg whites). It’s a crowd pleaser for even the pickiest of guests for sure. They have nifty specials of the week (when I went it was some crazy salad with pickled strawberries) and phenomenal juices. Word to the wise: get the juice! Below are some dishes that we enjoyed. Feast your eyes.

Dish Society Brunch

Cleansing “BEETS by DISH” juice made of beets, carrots, orange, and ginger

Dish Society Brunch

“SOUTHWEST SCRAMBLE” with open range scrambled eggs, bell peppers, avocado, black beans, rosemary sweet potatos, house roasted corn pico, cotija cheese, & tortilla strips–RIP my missing avocado

Dish Society Brunch

“CHICKEN & BISCUITS” made with two house buttermilk biscuits with fried chicken and house gravy

Dish Society Brunch

“MEMORIAL TRAIL SCRAMBLE” with open range egg whites, grilled chicken, spinach, tomatoes, & onion with side of seasonal fruit –please appreciate the Houston-ness of the name/totally made for someone who just biked 15 miles along the Bayou

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