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A Houstonian’s Guide: Miami in 24 Hours

Basically, I had a second in Miami. OK, it was like 3ish days, but it felt so fast! I went with a group of 8 girls for a bachelorette weekend (think Bridesmaids but less sh*t, thank god).

Because I only spend like a second there, I feel like you could do everything in a day. Here’s how to hit the highlights.

For morning: Shopping in Española Way (South Beach)

Eat: Havana 1957. I kind of recommend the sandwiches because #Cuban. But, it’s A LOT. Split it or go for a salad.

Shop: I mean there are just so many shops, but you gotta go to Dash because MAYBE Kim will be there.

For afternoon: Beach. Duh.

If you don’t go to the beach, what’s wrong with you? Gorgeous sky, white sand and frisky seaweed. #Sold. Plus dat snap filter game is strong.

For dinner: Orange Blossom

Wow. This is a swanky, small find in South Beach. The cocktails are AMAZING. JULEPS, Y’ALL. Pro tip: Friday night this guy serenades you (and our bride) with classic songs.

For nightlife: Bodega

Read like Stefon from SNL: Miami’s hottest club is Bodega. A taco truck inside a store front operates next to a port-o-potty. After a long line, you stand in front of the port-o-potty door and take cheap tequila shots with a guy who lives down the street. It’s got everything: a porch swing, (hopefully) unfunctional urinals, swivel chairs, drunk girls fighting, etc.

Miscellaneous pro tips:

  • No one goes out until like midnight. Bars don’t close until 5. This affects your entire schedule. Hit the shopping in the AM. Lunch late. Beach until sunset. Eat dinner at 10. Then go out.
  • Everything costs twice as much. Everything.
  • UBER EVERYWHERE. That’s pretty cheap because Miami beach is like the size of my thumb.
  • Fun fact: Uber can’t go to the airport, so the drivers take off their decals and ask for you to sit up front with them like they are your friends. Apparently I have a lot of Cuban middle aged friends who love to drive me place. #Popular
  • Stay bayside. It’s cheaper. And book through Travelocity.


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