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The Bachelorette: GET ON MY LEVEL (Week 7)

Y’all. ABC just wrote a FAT check to Just like wow. #Emotions

SO many emotions that I was like yawn. WE GET IT. You love Shawn (Obvi) and just think Nick is super sexy. I’m fine with it, but it just seems weird it’s not the other way around? Like, have you seen Shawn?

Plot twist! Only three guys are moving on. Quick, get your elevator pitches ready! Cupcake didn’t really have his ish together (slash they asked how each other was like 5 times… “Yup, I’m still alright.”) Then it took a turn to being, “You’re like so perf but I think I’ll pass.” Meanwhile, Aladdin’s like, “wait what, I thought the prince always gets the girl?! Effing Disney lied. WAAHHHHH.”

It lied to us all, Cupcake, and glass slippers give you terrible blisters.

So yeah the episode was pretty yawn… I didn’t get to watch with ma girls and maybe that was it. But instead I was trollin online with my main Baches—aka all the Bachelor franchise “Alums.”  There are some real gems out there. Still waiting for Ashley S. to get active on the social meeds, but in the meantime, I’ll fangirl over these people who’s job is to wear pretty clothes and take selfies. Wait, where do I sign up?

Here are five Bachelor/Bachelorettes that turned out too fab to handle (get it? bc social media handles?).

  1. Kaitlyn, obvi. Kaitlyn has THE best snap stories. Insta and Twitter game is strong too. I think it’s hilarious because she has the WORST trolls. Apparently, maybe because America will always compare her to Britt because she was stupidly pinned against her, people hate her. But, she fights back. Love it.

    @kaitlynbristowe (also twitter)

  2. Sean & Catherine (a package deal, obvi) @SeanLowe09 and @clmgiudici on twitta, plus insta hers, insta his. #RelationshipGoals is now trending.
    Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 3.38.27 PM
  3. LESLEY ANNE MURPHY. “Who dat?” said most of you, but actually she’s the most fabulous “alumna” of the Bachelor franchise. She’s a travel writer (maybe?) and blogs here and instagrams here.  She is too fab I can’t even double tap.
    Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 3.47.29 PM
  4. All things Jillian Harris. Jillian, aka the original Canadian Bachelorette. She, like, designs houses and dresses really well. She’s your standard over-sharer on Snapchat (currently hanging with Kaitlyn, her fellow Canadian Bachelorette/over-sharer Snapchatter) at @Jillian-Harris.  Also insta.
    Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 3.55.37 PM
  5. Jaclyn Swartz. So, she has a real life (I think?), aka she doesn’t post all the effing time. But, the infamous “WHO IS SHE?!” girl is hilarious.  on twitta and insta.

    BONUS: Elan. This bearded producer is hilarious. His insta and twitter game is strong. A. He’s hilarious, and B. Behind the scenes of the Bachelor shows. @TheYearOfElan

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Who did I miss?? LMK!

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