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Is it “Whiskey” or “Whisky”?

The jury is still out. Although, I heard mumblings that “whisky” refers to the stuff from Scotland. So, with the “e” we go.

In a world of wine and tequila tasting, I was challenged with… Whisk(e)y. Crown Royal, to be exact.


Here are some fun facts you never thought you needed to know about whiskey tasting.

  • Crown Royal was created for royalty visiting Canada in 1939. No one ever creates an alcohol when I come for a visit 🙁
  • Oil people brought it to Texas, and now Texas is the number one market for Crown Royal. Take that, y’all.
  • You can go one step above drinking from the bottle to drink from the barrel.
  • They had to go through more than 600 tastings to get the flavors right… and it still tastes like gasoline a lil bit… with some maple-y undertones.
  • The perfect blend is Crown Royal Deluxe. It has 50 different whiskeys blended in.
  • The whiskey ages for 7 years. That’s a second grader’s age. #perspective
  • Do not put your whiskey in the freezer, keep it capped and store at room temp. At halfway empty or less, your whiskey is in danger of losing its flavor profile (GASP) so start chugging.


The three whiskeys we tried were:

  1. The Crown Royal deluxe: I think it’s a 70 or 80 proof.. tbh it tastes more like tequila
  2. Northern Harvest Rye: 80 proof, mostly rye grains. The rye crop has to survive a harsh Canadian winter, so just think… you’re drinking the nectar of bad ass, weather-defying rye gods. It’s very desserty. You can taste baked apple and spiced vanilla. I want to have it in a latte.
  3. Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel: 90 proof… yes there is more hair on my chest. It’s…. spicy? Like, that’s a thing. It’s pretty smooth though, there’s also apparently a banana flavor, but I hate bananas and liked this, so I call BS.

My favorite: Harvest rye, because rye not?

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