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10 Things to Know About Kayaking in Houston

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They don’t call us the Bayou City for nothing. But actually. Houston nature game is legit and it’s about time you seized the day and explored some of the incredible places of land, water, and sky that this wonderful city has to offer. If your feeling adventurous and athletic, but also want to be kind of educated, check out Bayou City Adventures. This past weekend I had an out of town friend and town and decided it was now or never to start checking off some Houston extravaganzas off my bucket list, so I went ahead and signed us up for a tandem kayak tour through Armand Bayou. It was awesome! Below are all the tips and tricks I learned about my experience, and what I would do if when I sign up again.

  1. Choose your favorite tour! There are lots of tours all over the city scheduled at different times on the weekends.  I did the Armand Bayou “Dusk Tour” but there are also routes along Buffalo Bayou and Greens Bayou.
  2. Book ahead of time! At least two weeks in advance. I tried to get the Buffalo Bayou tour (because how cool would kayaking around downtown be?!) but it was booked up the week before. So during these super busy summer months, be sure to plan somewhat ahead!
  3. Book a tandem. For two people to share a kayak its $80, and if you get a single kayak its $75. Obvi bring a friend and split the price (and the paddling).
  4. Bring lots of water. This is Houston y’all. And it’s HOT. And you’re kayaking so you’re working out and being athletic. You’re sweating a ton, so I recommend bringing two bottles for the boat. And having one in a cooler in the car for when you get back.
  5. Bring a ziplock baggie. I’d leave most stuff in the car (wallet, purse, etc.) But also, if you didn’t snap it did it really happen? You’re going to want to keep your phone and keys dry–so bring a good ziplock to ensure that happens.
  6. Suncreen your feet. Your feet are in the sun a lot. Do yourself a favor. No one wants a gross stripped sunburn.
  7. Plan on getting wet. Bring a change of clothes in the car for the ride home. Also bring a backpack that you don’t mind gets wet to pack snacks and water in.
  8. Practice proper kayaking technique. Watch a video on proper kayaking technique. The tours range from 2-4 hours long and unless you’re a kayaking god, you’ll likely be sore the next day. I figure at least attempting to engage the right muscles as you maneuver through the water won’t hurt (ha).
  9. Gators are a real thing. Like alligators, a lot of log-igators. But you also see real ones. And holy cow. I saw real alligators in the wild with my eyeballs. Pretty cool y’all.
  10.  Cancel your plans for Saturday night. After paddling for an afternoon in the hot Texas sun and 100 degree heat. You’ll be pooped. Just commit to the night in.



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