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Bollo YOLO

Yo, you drive pasta a pizza heaven daily.

Or, well.. I do. I take West Alabama to my workout class (The Bar Method, ballet meets workout) and I salivate over this Pizzaria pretty much daily. One day, after pining for pepperoni while pliéing, I decided to belly up to Bollo. Here was my 5 positions of ballet… I mean Bollo.

First position: Pull over.


TBH, it was all about the teasing game. Hello, pizza you say? You had me at woodfired.

Second position: Fork in hand.

A Caesar salad is like totally normcore…… unless there is sliced parm—literally the panty dropper of salad cheeses.

Third position: Put it in gear.

IMG_5595Dang, that decoration is on fleek? Yeah, BAE, it is. And it’s only a two-seater, if you know what I mean. You might have to wait a little longer than your normal pizzeria to get your ‘za, but it will be worth it.

Fourth position: Right arm out, pizza in hand.


Anglio is his name, and deliciousness is his game. Yes, my pizza is a boy and yes I added pepperoni. BC BOLLO WANTS YOU TO HAVE WHAT YOU WANT, and allows toppings a la carte. God bless you, Bollo.

Fifth position: Tuck and roll me out.


Summary: This place is cute. Perfect for a first date, lunch catch up, or happy hour (apparently—I’ve never been for that). The line begins after me…

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