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Velvet Taco: Pushing the Limits of What a “Taco” Is

Y’all. I have found my new love. My new taco love. My new taco love can be found at an adorable little joint called Velvet Taco. It’s a super hipster and quirky place with exposed ceiling and neon accents and saws turned into art pieces decorating the walls. Located on Washington Ave, it’s (kinda) walking distance from my new place so I am beyonddddddd obsessed.

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The menu is eclectic as the decor in the restaurant. Each taco pushes the limits of being considered a taco because of the creativity and fusion involved with each dish. One veggie “taco” takes inspiration from Israel and is filled with cous cous, tzatziki, grilled halloumi cheese wrapped in lettuce. Another rocks the Indian vibe with fried paneer and tomato chutney. Another (yes, I’ve tried them all) is all about that Mediterranean freshness and has falafel, tahini, and arugula.

The breakfast tacos (served all day!!!) are also a force to be reckoned with. The “egg frittata” which fills each breakfast themed taco is a thin tortilla shaped egg that compliments the originality of Velvet Taco perfectly. I enjoyed one with the egg frittata, cheddar tots, smoked chili butter, poblano salsa, arugula, red onion, pickled fresnos, wrapped in a corn tortilla. Served in those nifty little taco holders and wrapped in paper, the tacos look really nice, but tend to be a bit messy to eat. Have yet to discover forks in this place…

Velvet Taco Houston

The Houston Velvet Taco location just opened this summer. So like, if you go there now you can be considered ultra hipster and cool. I’ve been there twice already and plan to swing by more and more often because a) they have a phenomenal outdoor patio that will be great once the weather cools down and b) they are right next to a drive through margarita place. I’m more than a little bit excited.

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  1. Thank you for sharing; I always enjoy the diversity of places you visit on your blog. It’s great to see different options in your area that you didn’t know existed.

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