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Azur West Salon: One way to face a breakup

Elle Woods finding solace at a salon, cerca 2001

Do salons incite drama and gossip? Or are drama and gossip attracted to salons? I can’t decide what leads to what. My college water polo coach once pointed out that after every breakup the girl does something radical to her hair like cut it all off (guilty) or dye it (guilty). What a wise statement from a man who has never been a twenty something-year-old woman. But the pattern is so true when I look at my friends who have gone through break ups recently. All of a sudden these people are deciding to get ombre and highlights and chopping their hair off for the bob they’ve always wanted.

And I can totally see the draw to this outward transformation. When you’re looking to reinvent yourself and start fresh, sometimes its easier to start on the outside and see the physical changes before you can begin to work your way to the inside with all that nitty gritty emotional stuff. As far as history can go back, we see women going to salons to spill their secrets, gossip, and vent with the ever-wise, all-knowing, totally-on-your-side-because-they-want-a-tip stylist. No matter what emotional state you go into a salon, you have the expectation that you’re going to leave prettier, more confident, and a little more broke. Luxury comes with a price.

My Salon Story

So in the midst of a turbulent week of emotions for me, I headed over to Azur West. Ironically, I had made the appointment a few weeks before because I had bought #TidbitsFrontRow package and the free Treatment + Blow Out at Azur West was expiring on September 15. Not wanting any “free” thing that I paid for to go to waste, the timing of the appointment with the newfound closure from an ex-boyfriend was just too perfect.

I was excited and intrigued for my appointment because this was the first time in a long time that I was a) getting my hair done without getting it cut and b) at a place that wasn’t Visible Changes in the Galleria. So I didn’t really know what to expect with my appointment for a “blow out”…

Azur West is located in the swanky, upscale West Ave in Upper Kirby and is all about luxury. When I walked in, there were lots of fresh flowers and the clerk offered me something to drink off the “Wet Bar” menu. Yes please.  I went with the white wine and enjoyed it while I was waiting for my stylist. Loosened me up for the soon-to-be vent sesh.

Next I was asked to remove my shirt and change into this big black smock thing. I didn’t really get the point of this but the sign next to the mirror in the changing room said they wanted to be able to see the shape of my shoulders and neck in order to properly cut, color and style my hair. Okay sure. I wanted to blend in with the cool kids so I changed without a fuss.

FullSizeRender (90)The Treatment: After I was changed my stylist deduced that I had dyed my hair and spent a lot of time in chlorine. How did you know?!. He recommended the Fusio-Dose by Kerastase from the “Treatment Bar” menu which would increase strength and moisture in my hair. He shampooed my hair and then sprayed the magic formula all over it and let it sit for 5 minutes. Other “curated cocktails” that Azur West offers address split end repair, added shine, and more.

The Blow Out: Next we moved onto the blow out. Exactly what it sounds like. He dried my hair in that wonderful way that I can never recreate and give it all sorts of volume. The result was lovely and soft because of the treatment, but also sort of anti-climatic because it was simple since I have naturally straight hair. Thank goodness for the wine buzz because that blow dryer heat was on full blast and was burning my ears.

The Result: Although we didn’t talk much about my personal drama, I left feeling pretty and confident and empowered by all the killer selfie snapchats I took. I loved my hair. It had great volume and was super soft. The total came out to be $85 (thankfully compped by Tidbits). And the best part was that my stylist firmly advocated that roots are in. Hell yeah.

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