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Lumbersexual Brunch @ North Italia

New favorite brunch place: North Italia. The food is divine. And cheap. And homemade. And delicious. All of the stars are awarded to North Italia. I ordered the Strozzapreti (without the chicken). I normally get something breakfast-y at brunch, but I cannot turn down homemade pasta. OMG YUM. It was a rich, filling dish with a heavy cream sauce, mushrooms, spinach, pine nuts and plenty of parm. It was a lot and took home half for leftovers.

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Others at the table got the Fried Egg Sandwich (suuuuppper messy) but the potatoes were delicious and perfect for leftovers and came with this interesting sweet lemon aioli sauce. The Lemon Donuts were heavenly. The Breakfast Wrap also delicious, but huge portions, thus the ideal take out for second brunch later in the day. And the Frittata with braised greens, potato, arugula and smoked mozzarella was adorable. All the breakfast items were served on a piece of wood. Like you’re eating your meal on a block of wood at Home Depot. But I guess that goes with the unintentionally, intentional lumbersexual vibe of the place.

All in all, the decor was super sleek and modern, but also cozy. I could see this place being a good date place. The servers, however, are all surprisingly attractive and have this whole man bun-hipster-lumbersexual thing going on. And let me tell you, the servers were quite obsessed with our table. At one point there were three of them filling our water glasses, chatting us up, and delivering our checks. One was our actual waiter, one was a friend, and one just really wanted to give my roommate his number. It made for quite the delightful show as we enjoyed a leisurely 2+ hour brunch.

The service was great. They split the checks for six people without throwing a fit. Since my meal didn’t have chicken, they even took $7 off the price. The tables have those delightful purse hooks. And the restaurant does half off bottles of wine on Sundays. Don’t hate. Will probably definitely be back.

Pro tip: North Italia is located on Post Oak Blvd just sound of San Felipe. Don’t park in the Whole Foods garage. You will get lost and it will be confusing. Drive to the south of the parking lot (past the Verizon store) and park in the garage over there. It’s much more direct and convenient, and you don’t have to do valet.

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