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Salata Series: Catering for a Girls Night In

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Alcohol. Because no good story ever started with a salad.

Scratch that. A good story can start with salad. And let me tell you how. With the upcoming finale of Bachelor in Paradise the girls and I were inevitably having a watch party. You can’t just watch the “most dramatic episode yet” alone sober hungry.

So the girls are supplying the wine, and I decided I’d bring….the salad. YES.

Salata Catering was the easy answer to hosting my make shift dinner party. I placed the order online, picked it up 30 minutes before people showed up at my house (it was ready on time!), and set everything up on my counter. On my way home, I realized I didn’t have enough real/clean plates at the house and I’d probably need to text one of my friends to pick up some plastic plates on their way over. But Salata for the win, y’all. They thought of everything.  They gave me all the tongs, all the plates, all the silverware, serving utensils I would ever need.

I was originally thinking that I was going to want to take the food out of the plastic serving containers when I got home to dress it up a bit, bc #adulting. But tbh everything looked pretty good as is and was arranged so nicely I didn’t feel the need to do anything. The cutlery is also shiny and silver, so you feel like you’re having a nice dinner party, when really its plastic and everything is disposable. Easy. I’ll take it.

I ordered the Salata Bar which came with a big bowl of the “Salata mix”, a tray with 12 different toppings (cheese and veggies), 1/2 tofu and 1/2 grilled chicken for protein, three dressings (balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard, fresh herb vinaigrette), and a tray of bread (rolls, baguettes, croissants, pita chips).

Salata was a huge crowd pleaser for the Bach in Paradise crowd. The set up could have easily fed 15+ people and it paired nicely with wine. And now I have leftovers for days and a complete set of plastic serving tongs. It’s great! I would totally order this again for a future team lunch in the office.

Also, for the month of September, Salata is participating in Dine Out for No Kid Hungry, in an effort to help end childhood hunger in America. The stores are selling $5 coupon booklets that include five coupons redeemable for a variety of free items. All proceeds from every coupon booklet sold go to No Kid Hungry. Just another reason to grab a salad, eat healthy, and get good karma!

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