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Perfect Fit’s Legit

Coconut Chicken, you can stay.

Coconut Chicken, you can stay.

I’m about sick of pre-packaged, portion controlled foods. From frozen dinners at the grocery store, to all the Snap Kitchen-esc places. WE GET IT. We are only supposed to eat like four bites of veggies and say we’re full, right?

Kinda. Eating healthy is HARD. Like real hard, especially if you love food. Which is why I’m totally up to try something new. Enter: Perfect Fit Meals. The ideal switch up if you’re craving a healthy dish but are just totally sick of everything. You can get the Houston-based company’s meals at pretty much any Kroger, but for a full list we gotchu.

The meals came refrigerated, but I immediately froze them. They were going to be my grab-and-go lunches. The menu is diverse, and I had a hard time picking just four. I’m told there aren’t as many options in the store. Sad face. The packaging is a little different from other meals. It’s a triangular-like tray/bowl, narrow at the bottom (giving you an illusion that you’re eating—mind over matter) and it has a thick plastic over that blows up and makes it steam. #Science.

Here’s what I tried:

Bunless Turkey Burger + Sweet Potatoes. This one was a whim. I don’t really like sweet potatoes, but these were good! The burger was flavorful and not dry—success!

Coconut Chicken. Again, I’m not sure I like coconut things or snap peas. What was I thinking? #Yolo. This one I saved for last, but I was pleasantly surprised. I overcooked it 🙁 so the peas were kinda mushy. But other than that SO good. Loved the crispy coconut chicken.

Turkey Enchilada. Mmmmm comfort food. This was so perfect when I ate it. I needed something warm and mushy—the GOOD type of mushy.  I literally just shoveled this in.

Chipotle Chicken Sausage. Similar mushy comfort feel, with a little kick. I think this one wins in terms of flavor and quality. If I saw this in a Kroger, I’d drop it in my basket. Fo sho.

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