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A Body Pump Class: As Told Through Gifs

I’m a pretty big fan of the self-inflicted torture that is group fitness. I feel the need to work out daily, but I’m not motivated enough to do a bomb workout on the regular. So, classes at gyms have always been the most successful for me. However, they also have been so inconvenient for my irregular class/work schedules (read: social life). So attending has been a lifelong battle. Because I’m an over achiever, I began my New Year’s resolution early (pre-Christmas–be impressed) by taking a few body pump classes at my gym with my mother (who swears by them).

Don’t know what body pump is? Me either until like a few weeks ago. It’s basically like any other workout crazy. It’s a whole thing. There are tracks and like pre-planned workouts you do in an order. The actual workouts include bluebells barbells, free weights, and those stackable step thingys. You do lots of reps of squats and bicep curls and bench presses–basically all the fun things 😞.

After completing three of these classes, I feel like I’m a world-class expert on the subject. BOW TO ME. Jk. But, as a novice I do feel like my unfiltered thoughts might provide insight as to what goes on in an hour of body pump. Enjoy. Because I sure as hell didn’t.

Finding motivation for class and I’m like…


But then I remember what I did last night.


So I get in the car… reluctantly.


And I hype myself up.


Then I walk into the class like everyone and their mother does this class.


Then the warm-up is super manageable and I feel confident as hell.


And I think back to what I would be doing in a usual workout at the gym.


Or at home to an exercise DVD.


And I feel like I could do anything this instructor says.


And then she says to add more weight.


Then we do about a zillion and one squats with a barbell on our backs (not cats).



And then we move to arms (again, no animals involved).


And then some sort of floor workouts that make me feel jiggly af.



And the instructor starts to countdown from 100.


And I feel so much judgment when I stop every ten reps.


So I toss it right back.


But then the class is over and I try to stand up.


And when I finally do, I walk out of the gym like…


Then the next day though…


Repeat the process.


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