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Is Electric FeelGood worth the hype?

Electric FeelGood is open for business in Midtown and taking Instagram by storm! Is this neon monolith the new Instagram playground of Midtown? Are the drinks and food worth a visit? Does it bear any connection to the people of Present Company?

Only time will tell if Electric FeelGood is worth the hype. But here’s what we know about the place…

The Location

It’s located in a space that used to be Midtown Drinkery and Sage County (for those OG Houstonians who know what I’m talking about). It shares a block with the Dogwood and 77 Degrees. The building has been heavily renovated to create a sprawling 2-story restaurant and bar with open air balconies that look over Midtown and even a part of the Downtown skyline.

When to Go to Electric FeelGood

Electric FeelGood started their soft opening in mid-September. Their official grand opening is this Thursday, September 26 at 7pm. The bar is open every day until 2am with larger serving hours on Thursday – Sunday. I expect the majority of business will occur when the sun goes down like most Midtown businesses. But if you want cute pictures, it’s quite chill on a Tuesday afternoon.

Definitely put Electric FeelGood at the top of your list for a Sunday Funday destination. Their brunch menu rocks throwback 90s breakfast classics like “PB&J Parfait”, pop-tarts, fruity pebble pancakes, and mini boxes of cereal. The perfect cure to any Midtown hangover.

The Vibe

You only get to make a first impression once, and let me tell you, Electric FeelGood makes an impression. Every inch of the bar has been decorated with black and pops of neon color and light. Throwback to the 90s. Don’t miss the giant neon sign on the second floor that boasts “Feeling FCKN Good” (their tag line).

Oh and there’s a giant slide. When I heard about it, I was personally hoping it was going to take me from the second floor to the first. But alas, (probably for insurance reasons) it’s only a one-story slide. It’s a massive tube that’s probably cleaner than most ballpits, but I’d need to see it in action on a Saturday night to confirm. Apparently there is quite the line on weekends. Just think of those boomerangs ready to slide into your DMs.

The Electric FeelGood Drinks

No signature La Croix drink here, but plenty of Deep Eddy to get your fill. You’ll find Deep Eddy in most of the cocktails which all have an electric/pop-culture theme to them. Plenty of beers on tap as well. “Save Water Drink Deep Eddy” is another neon mantra adorned to the wall.

Have you been to Electric FeelGood? What do you think of Midtown’s newest bar? Leave a comment!

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