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Margarita Monday: W Grill

FullSizeRender (81)While preparing for the Houston Margarita Festival this weekend, you might as well start the week off right with a celebratory marg for surviving Halloween and/or another day of work. The place to go? W Grill. Also fondly referred to as “the drive-thru margarita place.” Located on the corner of Durham and Washington, W Grill is a small little restaurant with a counter and an outside patio with a few tables. I hear you can order food there…but the business model is definitely focused on the fact that you can get big-ole margaritas from their drive-thru. They are definitely catering to the anti-social / really busy / really lazy human. It’s great.

The menu boasts 13 margarita flavors and five “on the rocks” variations. For about $7, you get a 20 ounce marg with the straw hole tapped over so you can drive away legally. That’s a lot of marg for not a lot of money. #worthit

I tried the raspberry and the pomegranate. Both delicious and decently strong. Pro tip: get the extra shot because a) its only $1 extra b) it cuts down on the super sweetness of the drink.

What a delightful way to celebrate Margarita Monday.

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