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5 Not-Your-Average Workouts in Houston to Book on ClassPass

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Let’s get weird, y’all. If you’re like me, finding the motivation to work out (especially during the Houston summer, when we sweat standing still) sometimes just ain’t there for me. One of the things I love to do is break out of my routines — so that it’s less of a chore and more of a new experience!

Here are five new experiences for you to try on ClassPass. BTW: It’s completely free to try ClassPass for ONE
WHOLE MONTH (7 classes). Click here to try it out! (ClassPass Partner Link)


We’ll start right on off with the most intense. Versaclimbing is a bit of a new, trendy thing that hasn’t completely taken over Houston yet (aka we aren’t burnt out on it yet?). It is however a literal buttkicker — seriously, your booty will be very sore. You basically hold a bit of a squat while you pump your arms and legs up and down — almost like a stairstepper (tbt). You’ll love and hate it at the same time — and the 30 min classes will feel like forever and a day, so don’t scoff at that!

Where to Versa:

  • HIP Fitness in the Texas Medical Center/West University area has 30-min HIP Climb classes for about 6 credits or so
  • Fyre Fitness in the Heights area has 30-min VERSA classes as well as 50-minute LIIT classes that incorporate lagree and versa.


Alright, so I am no stranger to rowing — it’s one of my regular workouts! But there are only a few spots that do it around town (if you don’t count Orange Theory, which has a bit of a different approach). But if you need to mix up your cardio whilst also working in some muscle work, look no further than a rowing class!

Where to row:


Honestly, this might be the most fun (and most bizarre?) workout on this list. Picture working out on a trampoline — no not the one you double bounced your siblings on when you were kids. We’re talking a personally-sized trampoline where you spike that heart rate and engage all your balance muscles!

Where to bounce:


If you like to move it, move it — at least for exercise purposes — then hitting the dance floor instead of the gym might be for you! Calling all the coordinated!

Where to dance:


We started with the most intense classes — let’s finish with the most needed after the aforementioned intense classes. I’m calling out two spots that I’ve gone to — one is zen yoga, which I’m sure is offered a lot of places! I just have personal experience with this one and love to recommend it.

Where to stretch:

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