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10 Things to do When Houston’s a Lake


Did Houston rain on your parade this weekend? Did it ruin all of your Sunday Fundays and Girls Night Outs? F u rain. You’re literally the worst. Let’s talk plan Bs for when the heavens open up… again.


1. The Galleria.

Pros: Underground parking—leave those umbrellas at home, tons and tons of food, ice skating, hair cuts, and duh shopping.

Cons: None. Ok, maybe depletion of your savings. Yeah, that’s a bummer.

2. A movie.

A total “duh” in rainy day plans, but, like most things, It’s Not Hou is here to help step up your game. Edwards Greenway Plaza has a parking garage attached to the theater, so no rain for you. Plus, there’s a restaurant and arcade for extended amount of fun. Also, Studio Movie Grill in CityCentre has a garage for you too, plus food and booze delivered to your seat.

3. Hide in a coffee house.

There are tons and tons of awesome coffee houses. My favorite for a rainy day? Agora. Find a corner couch,  plug in your headphones and sip lattes (or beer) until the storms stop.

4. Go to a show.

For a rainy evening, hit up Fitzgerald’s or House of Blues for a show. Revention Center downtown has underground parking #score.

5. Host a watch party.

It’s football season, friends. Order some Zoe’s kitchen for you and your closest friends and watch some sportsball. Hint: If you want to watch a team win, turn off the Texans and watch the Houston Cougars.

6. Do all the things on your Pinterest boards.

Seriously, Pinterest was basically invented for rainy days. Make a cork wreath, a seven layer dip, mint chocolate chip cookie brownies, or even one of the 4 billion exercises you pinned. Or maybe the cookie thing.

7. Go to TopGolf.

Yes, this is a thing that happens outdoors, but you’re totally covered. I’ve TopGolfed in the rain and was fine… until a torrential downpour, but on a mildly rainy day, this is a great afternoon activity.

8. Museum hop.

Sure, you can spend a day at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston or the Houston Museum of Natural Science, or you can go above and beyond and do both and then some. Make your hit list here.

9. Go play at Ikea.

If there’s one thing I learned from 500 Days of Summer is that Ikea is a fun place to play at. You don’t have to buy a couch, but you can! Other than that, you can just eat some Swedish meatballs and see who can find the most ridiculously named desk chair.

10. When all else fails, sleep.

Fact: This Saturday I slept 12 hours. #NoRagrets. It was too rainy to go out/do anything and there were major flood warnings. If you’re keeping score, I totally won the raining weekend.


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