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What do you get when you cross a movie theater with a spa with a five-star restaurant with a club and put it in a fancy shopping center? Literally nothing else but iPic.

Off Westheimer and 610 (no, not the hellish, traffic-y side with the Galleria… the other side) is the new River Oaks District. Dear Non-Houstonians and some outer-loopers: This is not actually in River Oaks. You’re literally miles away, but you probably have to be rich enough to own an actual River Oaks home to shop at these designer stores (cough, cough, Tom Ford, cough, Italian/French names. cough).

Anyways, I hope I’m setting the scene properly. Because when I think fancy shopping centers and then i picture a movie theater in it… the entire center gets a notch of fancy taken away. I love a good movie at a theater, but you better believe I’m wearing sweats and sneaking in fried chicken.So I just couldn’t believe that there is such a thing as a fancy movie theater.

OK, I was wrong.

This is iPic: You valet, head for your pod with in leather reclining chairs with fleece blankets and sip craft cocktails and eat gourmet finger foods (not a contradiction of terms) made by a James Beard-winning chef. NBD, y’all.

Here’s everything you need to know about iPic:

  • You pretty much have to be a member. BUT, the basic membership is free. ALSO, if you become a member before Nov. 5 you get a free upgrade to a Sapphire membership (which is usually $15) and a free premium seat. MEMBER UP HERE.
  • So, iPic does this sorta pretentious thing where there are two types of seating options 1. premium and 2. premium plus (we get it, everything rocks, we are all premium because no one is sitting on popcorn butter lined seats where teenagers make out).The real difference between the two options is the pluses have waiter service (the alternative being same food, but at concession stands) and pods versus rows. Also, a few bucks difference.
  • Seats sell out fast. This is the most problematic thing for me because I don’t plan well and definitely not for a movie night… hmmm…
  • Be early. Wait this also sucks for me. But that way you can settle in with your food and drink(s) and watch the chef talk about the food she’s prepared (she is super cutie, we love her).

Honestly, this is such a cool spot and I can’t wait to go again! It’s definitely a treat-yo-self kinda night, but one I really hope I get to do a few times a year at least, because movies in reclining chairs > movies in non reclining chairs. It’s as simple as that.