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10 Things to Know Before You Go to a UH Football Game


I’m a UH alum and a season ticket holder, so I think I know a thing or two about UH football. I love love love the games bc school spirit and everything, but UH is Houston. If you want a real Houston football experience (cough, cough, don’t go to the Texans game), this is your chance.

  1. Wear red. Like, duh. But it’s not that common of an idea, so do it for the team. Go team! And if you didn’t attend UH/ weren’t a super involved student when you went there, any ol’ red shirt will do! There aren’t many excuses for NOT wearing red, since you probably have a Texans or Rockets t-shirt lying around somewhere. Last minute red need? There’s a spirit store LITERALLY NEXT TO THE STADIUM. You have no excuse.
  2. We’ve got a new coach, so… who knows what’s going to happen this season. It’s our first season with Coach Dana Holgorson. He seems legit, but honestly, no clue how this season is going to go! Fingers crossed and a Cougar paw up!
  3. Prepare for traffic/parking. A. I59 is the worst headed toward UH, B. Parking is cash lots and prepare for a walk, C. Traffic after the game takes FOREVER. But, if you know someone with a UH parking sticker on their car, you won’t have to worry about any of that, since they won’t be charged for parking.
  4. TAILGATE. Not a huge tailgate tradition at UH, but it definitely makes the game a little more fun. With this being our brand new stadium’s second season, the Coogs are tailgating more now than they have in years. Be a part of history!
  5. There’s a clear bag policy. This is new for the 2019 season. You’ve been warned!
  6. Know the cheers and traditions. Here are my favorites: Whose house, 3rd Ward Defense, #HtownTakeover, etc. And, you might want to cover your grandma’s ears during one popular chant, where most students and alumni will replace “talkin’ bout them Cougars” with “mother ‘lovin’ Cougars.” Minus the lovin’, if you catch my drift.
  7. What to eat and DRINK. That’s right, suckers. UH stadium serves ALCOHOL, including some great craft beer offerings like Saint Arnold. Other than that, you’re looking at getting a Ziegenbock, and if you’re really desperate, there’s Miller Lite and Coors a’plenty. It also serves Chick-Fil-A.
  8. Here’s your stadium group shot spots: The corner of our beautiful new stadium closest to downtown is prime photo op. One direction you can get the skyline and then turn around and get the gorgeous field.
  9. Stay till the end. It’s just the nice thing to do. Plus, don’t you wanna see how much we cream the other team? Trust me, the traffic isn’t going to be that bad if you wait for the game to end. There are plenty of ways to get out off campus, and not too many roads are blocked off.
    PRO TIP: Head to The Den, Calhoun’s Rooftop Bar or Pink’s Pizza for a post-game beer/eat. Wait out the traffic with fellow fans—where’s the bad?
  1. You’ll need to keep the party going… Here’s where to post game!

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