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Brunch at Liberty Kitchen

Head to Liberty Kitchen Oysterette if you like meat. But really their menu is exploding with it. But also go there if you like potatoes and cheese and grease and quirky chic decor….the fine makings of a delicious, comforting brunch. [Someone take me on a date here!!] I went the other weekend and genuinely contemplated getting all sides…that were all potatoes. But seriously, White Cheddar Hash Potatoes…Cream and Butter Mash Potato….Crispy French Fries with Sea Salt…I can go on!

Clearly the way to navigate this brunch is to order a ton of food and split it to maximize the cheese and grease exposure.

This is what we ended up getting (and splitting):

  • White Cheddar Hash Potatoes – Delicious. Phenomenal. Original. Slowly falling in love. It’s fine.
  • Classic American and Cheddar Mac– Classic and wonderful as always, complimented nicely with hot sauce and totally earns (and re-earns) its spot on the Top 5 Mac and Cheese list.
  • Lee’s Biscuit in a Box – Exactly what it sounds like. It’s a biscuit…that literally comes in a box! Ours was filled with eggs, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and onions. If you get the Biscuit of the day it’ll inevitably be filled with meat on meat on meat. And then you have the option of “saucing it up” with a more meaty sauce.
  • Mimosa of the Day – Over priced, but infused with a housemade pineapple liquor. So depending on how your feeling, it might be the drink for you. Note: if you come for breakfast (like we did at 9:30am) they don’t serve till 10am. #rookiemistake #stillgood30minintothemeal


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