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#BOXHAUL: Why Rocksbox Rocks


I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! It wasn’t love at first sight, but I got there. Honestly, I felt like I didn’t need it. I have an excess of jewelry. I know my style. I don’t need anything (or so I tell myself to protect my bank account), but man do I love it. I keep telling myself, oh just one more month. That’s it… but I keep letting it auto charge me…. #addicted. Let me give you the low down.

What it is, yo? It’s basically StitchFix for jewelry. You take a survey and a stylist sends you a three-piece set of jewelry to wear then return. You can get multiple sets a month, just send it back and they’ll send you another. Also, if you decide NOT to send something back, you get it for a huge discount. PLUS, you get $10 to spend each month!

How can I get it? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Your first month is actually on me! Sign up and use “nataliebff328” at checkout. After that, it’s $19 a month. You’re welcome.


Box 1:


Sophie Harper – Long Disc Necklace, Sophie Harper – Pavé Dagger Studs in Gold, + House of Harlow 1960 – Modern Revival Bar Necklace in White

See what I mean about not being sold at first? V cute stuff, but kinda blah right? Two necklaces? Why? And the tinniest of earrings. All the items were cute, but no big winners. I didn’t think this at the time, but I realized I was wanting more statement pieces from the box.

Box 2:

Loren Hope – Sophia Studs in Merlot, SLATE – Double Bar Ring Set, + Jules Smit – Layered Curved V Necklace in Gold

This was where the relationship went sourer. I was so excited to have a set I could wear all at once. But that’s where the excitement ended. The ring was cheap and snapped (!!!!) when I put it on—I think it was already cracked maybe by a previous Rocksboxer. ALSO, the earrings were cheap and the backs slid right off. Bye bye earrings. I panicked. Shit. I don’t wanna pay for these?! So, I emailed Rocksbox… they were totally cool. They said totally no worries. The $19/month covers some insurance and I had a clean record so no harm no foul! They got working on my next box and sent it right on!

12273113_10205238574113810_250909235_nBox 3:

Moon & Lola – Elephant Bracelet, Gorjana – Shimmer Disc Ring in Gold, + Sophie Harper – Gold Bar Layer Necklace

Got really excited about this one. My first bracelet… I didn’t love, love it but it was totally and completely me, as was the ring (and the necklace—didn’t get a pic). All were perfectly me, and I loved them… but something made me “eh” about it.

Then it clicked: I wanted statement pieces!

I immediately reviewed the pieces and left feedback (and said that) and then retook the style quiz and…….

12273002_10205238574153811_657721337_nBox 4:

Kendra Scott – Rayne Necklace in Chalcedony, SLATE – Geometric Diamond Ring, + Gorjana – Mave Chain Loop Earrings

My favorite box came! I had a statement piece (AH! A Kendra Scott no less!!!) in the blue+gold tassel necklace, which I’m in love with; I had a semi-statement piece in the ring; and I had a lil something simple in the chain loop earrings. That’s also the order in favorites, by the way. I totally cannot afford the necklace, but I might be spending my $10 spend on that ring…





My ruling: Good for not, not forever. But I’m enjoying it while I can…

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