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Go Coogs: Top Places to Pregame/Postgame

I’m a UH alumna — one of the ones that bleeds Cougar Red, has had season tickets since graduation and doesn’t let a Cougar Red Friday go uncelebrated. And guess what, y’all. It’s that time of year. We’ve already told you the 10 things you need to know before you go to a UH game, and, considering the next 90% of my Saturdays (and one Thursday) are going to be completely reserved for college football, I need to know where I can go before and after the Coog games, the best spots to watch away games and where I can get front row seats to see Longhorn fans cry (hopefully) as Tom Herman (who is dead to me) leads the awful team to loss. A&M too (still not over Sumlin, but also, teehee Aggies suck this year).

Note: I am not a nice UH fan, but I will pause to say that I am #TeamTexas in the grand scheme of things! Click here to read what a game in Aggieland is like. 

Without any more of my ugly football competitiveness further adieu, here are my favorite spots to watch, pregame, post game and more — just in time for the Tech game next weekend, when the Coogs will push TTU over a Kliff (lol, ok I’ll stop).

Best bar for a game watch: Brooklyn Athletic Club

BAC is a certified game watch and post-game spot, so you’re good for either. I watched UH v. Navy in 2015 ON MY BIRTHDAY and, while that game did not end well for me/UH, I had delicious fried foods and beers.

Swing into victory at McIntyre’s


McIntyre’s is a pretty poppin place most weekends, and that only escalates during football season because of its many TVs. Go early to scout out your spot (make sure to grab a swing!) and remember they don’t serve food, but they do have a yummy food truck.

For when “oops forgot to get tix and it’s sold out, but we here already”: Calhoun’s Rooftop Patio and Bar

Normally, I would only recommend watching on campus if you’re going to be watching in the stadium. But I’ll make an exception for Calhoun’s. While I’ve never watched a game there, I know it to be a fun spot with no fear of other the team’s fans crashing your watch party. All Coogs, all the time.

Best food for watching: BB’s Cafe

Founded by a UH grad, BB’s is perfect for when you want to watch the Coogs but also gotta eat. BB’s is somewhere between a bar and a restaurant, so you get the casual environment and delicious cajun food. Bonus: There are multiple locations.

Pregaming a noon game: Donuts from Glazed and mimosas

If you’re hosting a pregame at your home or a parking lot somewhere (preferably outside the stadium), grab some donuts from Glazed. A. bc they are delish, B. bc the donuttery was founded by another UH grad!

For watching any team, really: Little Woodrow’s

Little Woodrow's

Midtown, Heights, Rice Village — there’s a Woodrow’s near you. And each location is v football friendly. Any location in Houston is going to have the game if the Coogs are playing, but for all your footballing needs, know this is a good spot to go.

For celebrating that “W”: Main Street in Downtown

Cheers to a win at Pastry War or Okra before recanting the best game plays on the couches of Dean’s or Little Dipper. Main Street is my fave spot for a night out, so I’m not tarnishing it with my sadness after a loss. I’ll be there only with positive associations, dancing the night away at Boots ‘N Shoots.

For mourning a loss: Washington Ave.

Nothing like shaking off a loss with a cowboy at Daisy Dukes. Plus, I might just want to karaoke the night away or meet a stranger at Kung Fu or take shots at Clutch. Either way, the evening ends with me swallowing sadness and yummy tacos at Velvet Taco, which is open until 3 am.

Post-game eats: Spanish Flower

When I was in college, money was tight, so rather than spend $20 on stadium food, we celebrated a win or ate our feelings at Spanish Flower on the Northside, which is open 24 hours and has average at best Tex Mex. Hey, average at best Tex Mex at 11 pm is about as good as it gets in college.

For a beer-y good pregame: 8th Wonder Brewing or Eureka Heights Brewing Co.

8th wonder brewing

Both these Houston breweries were founded by UH alums. Full disclosure, I haven’t been to Eureka Heights YET, but I know 8th Wonder to be fun and bonus: close to UH if you’re headed there after your beers.

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