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Laredo Taqueria: Worth the Wait

Laredo Taqueria Washington Houston Laredo Taqueria Washington Houston

Y’all. I think I have found the best breakfast tacos in Houston. Bold statement. I know. But I stand by it. Laredo Taqueria on Washington Ave. has the best tacos ever.

You know you’re about to eat some dang good food when you see the line is literally out the door and wrapping around the building. Printed on the back of the workers tshirts is the motto: “Laredo Taqueria: Where the wait is long, but the taste of good authentic Mexican food lasts longer.”

And let me tell you, for counter service food, the wait is long. I went at 10am on a Saturday and waited for 30 minutes. My roommate went at 3pm and also waited for the same amount of time. The good thing is when you get to the counter, you get your food pretty much immediately. So the wait time is more or less the same as if you went to a real sit-down restaurant. Except you’re more hyped up for this food. Standing makes you just so much more excited (and hungry). Allegedly during the week days, the line is slightly less intimidating.

The menu has upwards of 13 different types of breakfast tacos (although when we went at 10am, they were out of chorizo). Everything is made in house and is wildly authentic. Lots of Hispanics standing in line. Always a good sign. And the tortillas are to die for. YUM.

Laredo Taqueria Washington Houston

Laredo Taqueria Washington Houston

Each taco is $2.25 per taco. Yes please. I tried the egg + potato taco (which was heaven) and the huevos mexicanos taco (a greasier, spicy version of heaven). The tacos came with two types of salsa–one with a tomato base and one a spicier jalopeno vibe.

Although I didn’t try them, Laredo Taqueria also had a delightful array of Mexican drink, like Horchata, which you know has got to fantabulous. Cannot wait to come back!

All of the happiness. Just had to taco bout it.





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