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A Few of Our Favorite Things: November

Y’all, November was a LOT. So much happened, and as they temps are dropping, our love (apparently) is rising. Here’s a (pretty decently long) list of what we loved this month—I’ll skip the lengthy descriptions.

Turning 1. OK, exhibit A of being busy this month. It’s Not Hou turned 1 year old. Our lil baby blog is growing up. Thank you so much for coming along for the ride. See you all at year 2, right?

Burgers from The Counter. Literally where your dream burger lives. Like, everything you could ever want on a burger is available at this magic burger joint. Go. Now. Your dream burger awaits.

Watching college football. November marked the last full month of Saturdays being saved for TDs and QBs of college football. We told you how to “Gig ’em” and how to root for the home team (the good one).

Yule Shoot Your Eye Out from Karbach. Ahh, yes. Seasonal beer is why we’re all here, right? My new fave is this The Christmas Story-themed dark and spicy beer. It comes in four packs, and OF COURSE, the brewery has it on draft.

Wine from Helen Greek Food and Wine. This new(ish) wine bar is hidden in Rice Village. Go in, split a bottle and an app. OR loosen the purse strings for an amazing (albeit pricey) dinner.

Jewelry from Rocksbox. Holiday season means fancy parties and, let’s be honest, my budget does not support swanky jewels to dress up my Forever 21/Target dresses. Rocksbox gives you unlimited sets (3 pieces) of jewelry a month. I usually get 2-3 a month. For just $19. Your first month is on me! 

Drinking at La Grange. Yo, I don’t even mean for this to happen, but La Grange on Montrose is my most frequented bar nowadays. It’s got like three different bars in its indoor and outdoor space. There are heaters, a coy pond, and occasionally drunk dudes dancing topless. What more do you even want?

The taste of freedom at Liberty Kitchen. Freedom tastes a lot like creamy mac ‘n cheese at Liberty. Hit it up for brunch or happy hour. You’re welcome.

25 from Adele. Hello, it’s me. I mean everyone is obsessed with this album, right? Psst. Get it at Target for three extra songs.

Being a winter fashionista. Literally, you will not see me from mid November to March without boots and scarves. Gotta love winter fashion, and we have your wish list right heerrre.

Making time or Thai at Foreign Correspondents. Have you ever had authentic Thai food? No, Pad Thai does NOT count. This new resto has it. Honey, you’re not in Houston anymore.

Whining in wine country.  Take 290 until you hit vineyards, then we’ll take you the rest of the way. Texas wine country can be pretty freaking fun. Sip the day away; you earned some weekend wine time.

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