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Besto the Resto: Black & White’s Gray Area

Houston’s brunch game continues to be strong. Seriously, show me a new trendy restaurant that DOESN’T have a brunch menu (or plans to roll one out). Brunching is all the rage, and we’re thankful for that, since it provides us ENDLESS restaurants to try each week. Proof.

Even though it seems like everyone spends their Sundays mimosa in hand, Houston’s full inventory of new and exciting brunches means no waits and (usually) no need for a reservation.

Black and White is definitely one of those old-reliable brunches. You can rely on the fact that A. most likely no one else will be there, so you can have your pick of tables, B. that there will be $2 mimosas, and C. your service will be great (and probably attractive).

Here’s your to-do list at B&W:

  • Park: There’s a back lot that is closed off for valet at some times, but during our brunch it was open.
  • Sit: On the patio if it’s a breezy morning or at the wine bar for happy hour ($20 bottles of wine—nuff said).
  • Drink: The $2 mimosa. Bottomless is $10, so that’s an option if you plan on drinking more than 5 mimosas to get your money’s worth. Aggressive.
  • Eat: The Croque Madame (covered in delicious gravy) or the Huevos Rotos (which the servers are trained to cut up for you).
  • Skip: The super sweet red velvet pancakes. It weirdly comes with pork, which is good, just odd. Also fyi the red in the red velvet is from beetles. Barf.
  • Stay awhile: It’s relaxing and chill. Sit back and enjoy the day.
  • Get: A chocolate mint on your way out. Or, you know, five.

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