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BYOB & Bosnian Food at Café Pita

Do you have a bottle of wine at home that’s just a tad too nice to enjoy on your couch while watching reality TV show reruns in your PJs? Yes? Well then do that bottle of wine some justice and bring it on over to Café Pita. Nothing says I’m classy and cultured like enjoying some vino and crazy ethnic and authentic Bosnian food.

FAQ about BYOB and Bosnian food:

Uh, what is Bosnian food? Is it a prerequisite to know where Bosnia is on a map?

It’s like the hipster version of Greek food. Because it’s pretty similar, except it’s got cooler names. You’ll find lots of gyros, lamb, and feta on the menu. For example, we tried out the Burek (similar to spanakopita but 10x bigger serving) and the Ajvar  dip  with Lepinja (aka hummus with pita). And if you don’t know where Bosnia is on a map, educate yourself here.

Why do I care about Café Pita?

YO. It’s authentic AF and was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. So basically a Houston food celebrity. If you’re into quality home-cooking, filling meals, and friendly staff. You need to check it out.

How much is this place going to run me?

Food iz so cheap. The menu prices probably haven’t been updated since this place opened years ago which is amazing and humbling. We got two apps, two main courses, and dessert for less than $35. No regrets. The staff also gave us two complementary lentil soups just because. #love

But, like, back to the BYOB…what’s the catch?

There is none. Just bring in a bottle, and they’ll bring you some glasses and open it for you. They charge you nada for the corking fee, so have no shame in bringing your classiest bottle of Barefoot, Andre, wine over.

I’m getting hungry.What do you recommend?

You need to check out the Homemade Fried Cheese with Ajvar. When you say the word “homemade” and “fried” in the same sentence, you know its going to be the closest thing to heaven on earth as you’re gonna get. Also, the Avjar is amazing. Quote from dinner: “Can I take a bath in this?” Not to mention the dessert menu. If we hadn’t just ate our weight in Bosnian goodness, we would have most certainly ordered one of each dessert. We decided on the Tufahija which is poached fresh apple, stuffed with walnuts and honey and it did not disappoint. I loved it so much, I’m going to try to make it at home!

Where do I find them?

Check out the original location on Richmond by the Galleria and or Café Pita + on Westheimer in Westchase. I’ve ate at both. Both are fabulous!

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