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Brunch at Harold’s is a Southerner’s Delight

This past weekend the Brunch Klub crew (of eight!) popped on over for Sunday brunch at the Height’s eatery, Harold’s in the Heights. Located on 19th Street in the Heights, Harold’s is a second floor restaurant (on top of Torchy’s Tacos) with a bar and delightful rooftop balcony with prime views of the historic Heights Theatre. The brunch menu is filled with creole and southern touches like shrimp étouffée, grits, biscuits and more.

Harold's Heights brunch

Brunch Klub in action

The beginning

We went to Harold’s on Palm Sunday so we had the opportunity to try items off the regular brunch menu and the special three course prix fixe menu which included a mimosa. For appetizers, the table enjoyed some complementary beignets that came with the prix fixe orders and some chicken salad crostinis. The butterhead salad was beautiful and fresh and topped with crushed nuts and a hot sauce vinaigrette. Shrimp étouffée balls were fried and covered in a spicy tomato sauce. Super Cajun start to the meal no?

The middle

For entrees, we tried anything and everything. I’m still dreaming about the Vegetables Du Jour, which was barley risotto with a cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts and a little bit of spice. Will definitely be trying to recreate that at home. The Lost Bread was two slices of towering French toast and a homemade jam. The Big Nasty Biscuit–which was big, and anything but nasty–was topped with fried chicken and a cheesy sausage gravy. And in case you didn’t think the menu was Cajun enough, there was a Seafood Poboy to round it all out.  Plus there were brunch classics like the BLT (plus an egg) Sandwich and Harold’s Double Cheese Burger (enjoyed with an egg and without the bun).  Pro tip: get a dish with French fries. They were ahhhhmazing. I even took some home because they were just too good to let go to waste!

Harold's Heights brunch

Harold's Heights brunch

The spread

The end

Since some of the group got the three course brunch, we all got to sample a bit off Harold’s desserts menu! If they hadn’t pre-ordered dessert at the beginning, there was no way any of us were making it to the dessert round (see: copious amounts of mimosas, complimentary beignets, and addictive fries above)–they even call their entrée section “Perfect Before a Nap”! Nevertheless, we all enjoyed tasting the desserts–who wouldn’t?! The fresh ice cream was creamy and delightful, the Bread Pudding was generously filled with chocolate, and the Lemon Fried Pie was a reasonable serving size–to split between a few people.  Needless to say after dessert, we were all due for a post-nap brunch.

The impression

Harold’s had many strengths including the reasonably priced three-course meal for Palm Sunday, $3 mimosas, barley risotto that will blow your mind, and a very friendly and competent wait staff (thank you for splitting the check properly for 8 people!). Plus, Harold’s is conveniently located so that after your meal, you could very easily take a stroll through the Heights neighborhood and pop into the antique shops on 19th to work off the filling meal. I’d love to come back and enjoy happy hour on the terrace!


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