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Welcome to the Brunch Scene: Bar Boheme

boheme brunch

We’ve always loved the whimsical patio of Bar Boheme that whisks you away from the busy Houston city life and transports you into a quaint garden with fairy lights, live bands, artisans selling wares, classic movies and overgrown bushes. The red glow of the overhead lights sets the mood for first (or fiftieth) date. Nestled in the Montrose neighborhood by Max’s Wine Dive, Cuchara, the original Barnaby’s and more, Bar Boheme has so much character.

I’ve always thought that the spot contributes such an interesting vibe to the Houston scene and always like to take out of town guest there for a frozen mojito (they’re seriously divine) or a frozen sweet tea drink (if they’re available) and a mountain of the addictive Vietnamese fries.

While at Houston Press Brewfest, a few weeks ago Bar Boheme was found amongst all the craft breweries serving up samples of their signature frozen mojito. I love it so much I swung past their table 3 or 4 times…While I was there I found out that Bar Boheme had revamped and launched their brunch menu. Naturally, we headed over there the next day with some complementary giftcards in tow.

First impressions: the bar is a little dead at 11am. Granted this is still the first month of them joining the brunch scene, and seeing how popular it is at night, I’m sure the brunch hour will pick up as well.

We seated ourselves outside and had to go inside to grab menus and place orders, reminding us that it is very much still a bar. We people watched while we sat under the shady umbrella and spacious wooden booth. We enjoyed coffee out of interesting glass mugs (clearly intended for a cocktail not piping hot coffee) and ended up receiving complementary mimosas despite not ordering them initially because the Brewfest hangover was so real.

boheme brunch boheme brunch

The brunch menu was simple and just one page but filled with delicious and tempting choices. (No Vietnamese fries though). I went with the Breakfast Tartine which was an over-easy egg served on top of a fat slice of brioche bread topped with gruyere cheese and peach jam and a side of watermelon arugula salad. Others at the table got the French Toast which was as sweet as cake and topped with plenty of powdered sugar and glazed apples. Everything was served on wooden blocks, reminding us of Iliza and Home Depot.

boheme brunch boheme brunch boheme brunch boheme brunch

If you’re into multiple hour-long brunches that turn into dinners, Bar Boheme is the place to go. No waiter is bothering you trying to flip tables and you can leave your tab open for as long as you like. The shaded patio is perfect for lounging, Montrose people watching, and catching up with friends. Also the frozen mojito is on the menu.

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