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The Bachelorette: Fantasy Suiteball Season 2

You better stock up on wine, guys. May 23rd will be here before you know it, fresh with 26 new dudes vying for JoJo’s love or whatever.

More importantly, though, May 23rd means Monday night with your girls, and we want to make it competitive af. Last Bachelor season, we made our first rulebook for Fantasy Suiteball. After a v successful season, we are back with our first Bachelorette version. We now know what works and what didn’t. By all means, do your own thing this season! Last season, we gave you some options, but this time around, I’ll be telling you what my Bachelor(ette) group will be doing.

Leh go, y’all.

200-3The ultimate Bachelorette Fantasy Suiteball:

  1. Form a group and draw numbers. #1 picks first, etc.
  2. You and your friends dole out the contestants. The smaller the group, the more contestants each person has. Our group is big, so we put two of each contestant on the table. To ensure every person has the same number of contestants, we select (at random) a few contestants to have three of. For instance, we have teams of 4 contestants per person. If we have 13 people, that works perfectly! But if we have 15 people, so we add 4 more contestants at random, so 4 of the guys will be on three teams.
  3. Each member on your fantasy suite team earns and loses points each week based on the below point system.
  4. The two people with the lowest scores each week have to bring the wine for the next week. The person with the highest points, drinks from the fantasy suite chalice (or some sort of prize). (Note: your total points each week is made up of all of your contestants on your team).
  5. Winner has the most cumulative points at the very end. (Note: If you have the winning girl on your team, you get a boatload of points, but you might not actually win all).

Point system

Standard points:

+5 points if your contestant goes on a 1-on-1 date
+4 points if your contestant goes on a 2-on-1 date
+4 points if your contestant gets a rose before the rose ceremony
+3 points if your contestant goes on a group date
+3 points if your contestant gets a rose at the rose ceremony
+2 points if your contestant gets a kiss from JoJo (2 points per make out sesh, but you can get multiple +2 if they have different kisses throughout the episode).
+1 point each time your contestant gets alone time with JoJo (outside a date)
-1 point if your contestant wears a hoodie, because basic bro.
-2 points if your contestant cries (#dudetears) or makes JoJo cry
-2 points if your contestant talks shit about another contestant to JoJo or someone else (not the camera, that doesn’t count)
-3 points if your contestant doesn’t go on any date
-4 points if your contestant doesn’t get a rose at the rose ceremony

Date bonuses:

+2 points if your contestant wins any sort of competition
+2 points if there is travel on a date your contestant is on
+2 points if they are in bathing suits
+2 points if they do something involving heights

Big money:

+10 points if your contestant goes on a Hometown date
+15 points if your contestant has an overnight date (note: not just for fantasy suites)
+20 points if your contestant is in the final two
+25 points if your contestant proposes to JoJo (+5 more if she says yes!)
-10 points if your contestant is dismissed by JoJo before a rose ceremony
-15 points if your contestant LEAVES the show willingly



  • No trading. Once you draft, your team is locked in.
  • Draft day happens before the show starts on the first episode — makes it random and exciting!
  • Entry fee: $10 to be paid at draft day/premiere
  • No spoilers before drafting (you may consult instagram and E!/People, but nothing that has information on who makes it the farthest/goes home/etc.)
  • If someone can’t make it to draft day, she must give the group’s HBIC (me) a list with 10 contestants in order of preference.
  • If all of your team is eliminated, you are out and aren’t just automatically the loser each week.
  • No cheating (obviously). There’s no real way to check some your points, so honesty is key, guys.
  • All points should be locked in by Wednesday, and Thursday we announce the winners. Some people have to watch at different times, so watch and record your points by Wednesday. IF someone absolutely cannot watch by then, they can as someone to keep score for them or see if anyone has reported points for their contestants already. BUT, if points aren’t locked in by Wednesday, I will automatically see if someone else has scored your contestants and if not, sorry but you get a zero.
  • If someone wishes to leave the Fantasy Suiteball group, their contestants are forgotten about and not redistributed or anything.

Happy Bachelorette season 12, guys! It’s a wonderful time of year.


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