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The Bachelorette: Your Men Tell All Drinking Game (Week 9)

According to me, this season is over. Luke was sent home, and my jaw is still on the floor. Luke is EVERYTHING and I’m 100% judging JoJo for her MISTAKEZ.

Anyways, Luke went home, we cried, then the overnight dates started. Robby killed it, Jordan was OK, but then Chase, AFTER getting invited to the fantasy suite, was told, “Thanks, but no thanks,” by JoJo after he confessed his love. Sh*t happens, man.

Tomorrow night all the men gather for Men Tell All, so, um, that’s going to be fun. And, it will be even more fun with wine. And a drinking game.


Drink every time…

  • The cameramen zoom in on a woman shaking her head or looking at another woman.
  • JoJo says “crazy”
  • Chris says ” to find love”
  • Someone points at Chad
  • JoJo flips her hair
  • Chad is called to the stage (because you’re going to need to be drunk to listen to him)
  • You see a V-neck in the videos they show
  • Chad does his squinty eye thing
  • When Luke, bless his heart, stares off into space
  • When one dude insults another (you’ll soon be drunk)

Chug during…

  • The blooper reel. Bc you earned it.

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