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You Gotta Get Punked

This past weekend, I had the ultimate Sunday Funday: TWO BRUNCHES. I believe it’s what the young people call heaven.

Just like all good things, it took preparation. My strategy was as follows:

  1. Get hungry. Starve even!
  2. Pick casual spots (maybe with an a la carte menu).
  3. Skip the cocktails (pricy and saves calories).
  4. Keep the balance. Don’t go too sweet, but don’t accidentally order all meat or bread.
  5. Enjoy! And prepare to not eat the rest of the day.

The first brunch was the Hobbit Cafe (blog post to come!), and the second was Punk’s Simple Southern Food. Here are some highlights:

The place. So cute. If it isn’t sweltering, eat outside! Inside is cute but can be crowded.

The food. Drooling. Cheap $5 biscuits (I got the fried chicken one, yum!) and omg the chicken fried steak looks to die for. I got a side of deviled eggs for just $3, and they were amazing.

The alcohol. Can’t vouch for this personally, but every cocktail that passed by was glorious. They have a “Farmarita” that I was just so tempted to get.

Pro tips. There’s a parking garage and valet, but both cost money. So how fun with all your normal Rice Village parking woes, but know it’s worth it!

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