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Low-Key Brunch at Lowbrow

If you’re looking for a neighborhood bar and restaurant, literally stop. Stop it right meow. I found one for you. It’s got couches. It’s got friendly people. It’s got a bomb-ass patio tucked away in a literal neighborhood in Montrose, so yeah. It’s basically perfect. Oh, best part. They have brunch.


The atmosphere:

PSA No. 1: Brunch is BUSY. Definitely a spot for small groups. Inside is a madhouse, but if you’re a duo, you’ll have no problem finding a cozy spot inside. If you’re a big group, like Brunch Klub, your only hope is the patio.

PSA No. 2: DO NOT SIT ON THE PATIO. Well, ok, don’t sit out there on a summer afternoon. You will melt. There are not that many fans, so there’s like one or two lucky tables that have any airflow. Best of luck. Patio with caution.

The food:

Pretty standard brunching happening, but the stand outs to me were the burrito (split it with a friend!), the Texas-shaped waffle with fresh fruit jam (ALL THE TEX-YASS) and the egg grilled cheese thing (egg in the hole).


The drinks:

Pitchers of mimosas are just $16 and served us 5 with seconds! Next though: Get the “Barefoot and Pregnant.” Lemme ‘splain. It’s whatever frozen drink they have (for us, it was a tequila thing) and a tiny Barefoot bottle of bubbly turned upside down.

The details:

13874651_10206732513061350_1735742821_nSo, some things to know about your low-key Lowbrow bunch:

  • Parking sucks (there’s valet, but also plenty of street parking. Just prepare to walk.
  • Don’t be on a diet when you go for brunch or dinner (or anything)
  • Dogs are welcome to the patio!
  • They have Geeks Who Drink trivia!
  • They have movie nights!
  • They have alcohol! Sold.

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