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Houston Restaurant Weeks: El Tiempo’s Menu is a Steal

Never did I think I’d blog about El Tiempo. It’s not that I don’t like El Tiempo, it’s that EVERYONE likes El Tiempo, and I feel like I should be blogging about unique/amazing/incredible experiences I have that people need to know about. But that’s just it y’all. El Tiempo’s  Houston Restaurant Weeks menu is probably definitely the most incredible experience I’ve had in a while.

First of all, like some other HRW restaurants, they don’t really want you to do the HRW menu. Some restaurants require specific HRW reservations (El Tiempo does not), and most don’t tell you about it at all when you walk in. El Tiempo was going to seat us, full menus in hand, when I asked for the HRW menu. The guy at the front was like, “Oh, we only have two menus, so two of you will have to share.” I’m willing to bet that they do only have two HRW menus total, actually. THAT’S how badly they don’t want you to order from it, which is sad to me, because ultimately this whole thing is for charity. :/

SO, we are finally sitting with our HRW menus, when our server comes over WITH THE FULL MENU. He’s like, “hey are you sure you don’t want the full, bigger, better menu.” Subtext: “Order from here it will be more money which means more tip for me yay!!!” I’m so over this, so I’m just like, “No, thank you. But we’re donating to charity.” Clearly unamused, he takes our drink orders and off we go.

The deal: $25 for three courses. The $25 is a ridiculously cheap new price point this year. It would just be “eh” but alert…. FAJITAS ARE AN OPTION. TBH, it’s a steal. And actually, I did the math. What I ordered off the HRW menu would be $47.57 total. I’m sure the HRW price at most restaurants is a better deal, but half off? I can see why they’d like to keep it on the DL.

Here’s what I ate and what I liked loved about it:

First course: Cortodilloqueso and Ceviche

IDK when it happened, but all of the sudden I love ceviche. El Tiempo’s doesn’t disappoint. I put some on the crustini, but most of it I just eat straight. So good. So fresh.

My friends got the Cortadilloqueso, which is melted white cheese with spicy beef filet, bacon, grilled onions and Serrano peppers. You put it in a tortilla and eat it. Pretty simple.

Second course: Fajitas, duh.


We very briefly entertained the idea of one of us getting something other than fajitas, like the surf and turf taco, but a half pound of chicken, beef or pork was too good to pass up. The fajitas came when we were only halfway through our first course. Maybe we were talking too much, but I think the crochety waiter was just trying to rush us out.

I quickly eat my ceviche and move on to the fajitas. I have two tacos and give up. I get a box and my $25 has already got me dinner and a lunch for the next day. I’m such a fan.

Course three: Flan and fried ice cream

If only the tres leches was on the HRW menu. Would have been a game changer. I got the flan (wiggly, vanilla-y, too big for me to eat, and my friends got the fried ice cream (which still confused me: how?!)

Both were super sweet, but a perk of the flan: When I couldn’t eat it all, yes ladies and gentlemen, I took it to go.

In summary: Go to El Tiempo for HRW before Labor Day. But know that they don’t really want you to.

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