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Treat Yo’self to Spa-Level Products (at HEB Prices)


A while back, Bon Vital (the maker of spa products your last masseuse probably used on you) was approached by a luxury retailer to make products you can use at home to complement whatever your in-spa routine you have. Bon Vital at the spa; BVspa at home.

So, the luxe retailer relationship didn’t happen, but BVspa still did. Now it’s being sold at HEB…. at HEB prices. Each product is about $10 . There are four products with three scents. Let me run it down for you:

The products

Sugar scrub. Described as a moderate-level exfoliating scrub, the sugar scrub is best for sensitive skin. The sugar crystals are round and dissolve in water pretty fast. If you’re looking for an all-area exfoliant, use this scrub.

Salt scrub. The sea salt crystals are a tad more exfoliating and great for drawing toxins out of the body (use after a rough workout!). If you got a callous, use this scrub.

Body lotion. The body lotion is pretty lightweight. This first level of hydration is good for daily use.

Body butter. Got dry skin? hi

The scents

Bon Vital wanted quality scents that weren’t just scents, but aromatherapy too.

Pomegranate and Acai Berry. Pomegranate is definitely in right now. This scent’s goal is to rejuvenate and renew. It’s a great post-gym treatment.

Lavender and Rosemary. This isn’t your grandmother’s lavender scent. The rosemary completely balances out the flowery scent of lavender to make a soothing, peaceful experience.

Pink Grapefruit. This scent is definitely a pick-me-up. I usually shower before bed, but when I don’t I think this is a great scent to start the day with.

My favorite product

SONY DSCThe lavender and rosemary salt scrub. The scent is by far my favorite, and the salt is smooth and invigorating.

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