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Tiny Boxwood’s Brunch: Do it for the Insta

I think we’d all be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit that sometimes we intentionally wear an outfit and go to a particular bridge, wall, restaurant, park or beach to get a fantastic insta-worthy pic. We’re just part of an era where taking selfies and choosing the perfect filter are worth more to us than our food’s temperature and sometimes even our safety (see: more people die from selfies than sharks).

If you’re looking for one of those places in Houston where you can no-so-subtly snap a pic of your food or a candid pic of your friends in a picturesque garden, Tiny Boxwoods is the place to go. This restaurant is so effortlessly chic and quaint it’s practically yelling at the Instagram world to come take its picture.

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Tiny Boxwoods is part of the Tiny Boxwood family. It’s located in River Oaks off of West Alabama and shares property with a literal plant nursery, hence the name…tiny BOXWOODS. The other location Tinys No 5 is located in West University (see our Tinys No 5 brunch review here). Wooden tables, white umbrellas, overgrown vines and hydrangea flower arrangements decorate the outdoor space. Immediately upon walking in you can totally understand why its a destination for engagement parties, weddings, and baby showers. It’s romantic and adorable AF. I mean just check out the chalkboard! Calligraphist Rachel Kalich Tieken, of Half Moon Lettering, regularly decorates it for events and even the simplest brunch menu is a freaking work of art!


The food is also to die for. Especially the sangria. And the chocolate chip cookies. Among many other things. I’ve come here multiple times over the past year–which is saying a lot given how much I love trying new brunch places. Tiny Boxwoods is a great place to bring out of town guests when you want to relax, have a cocktail or two and get dressed up.


You order at a counter inside, and the line can get pretty long–especially when you’re standing outside in the heat. If you’re looking to loosen up a bit while you wait, you can grab a cocktail from the outdoor bar. The good news about the line is that once you place your order, you get your food pretty quickly.

This past weekend, we enjoyed a multitude of dishes. All to die for. And all picture perfect. The first was the “Just Beet It” Burger–which is a veggie burger made of beets and nuts, topped with picked jalopenos and mayo. Delightful, especially when paired with the orzo pasta salad. We also split the Potato Egg Pizza. Sounds weird, I know. But it’s awesome. You break the egg in the middle and dip in the pesto laden slices into the yolk. Other tasty brunch dishes include the Migas and the Egg and Avocado plate. Both hefty portions of eggs, but plated spectacularly.

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After the meal, we enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies. An absolute MUST. I don’t even like sweets and I’m obsessed with these things. Plus they make pretty dang good Instagram material…amiright?!



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