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9 Things to Know Before You Try Daily Harvest

You’ve probably seen the little D|H cups all over instagram, like JoJo’s future husband’s ex-girlfriend:


I got to try a few smoothies, so now I’m a Daily Harvest expert. Here’s what you need to know before you order all the smoothies online.


1. They are small.

Maybe it’s because Jamba Juice and Smoothie King has spoiled me, but D|H looked so small! I drank these for breakfast, and I was a lil hungry well before lunch.

2. There’s no powder nothing.

I thought a pre-made smoothie thing would have powder or something. NOPE. This is all fresh ingredients: fruit, nuts, seeds, everything. Like Whole Foods in a cup.

3. They come frozen on dry ice.

So how do all these fresh ingredients survive the postal service? Dry ice. I, uh, didn’t know my smoothies arrived.. so, uh, my smoothies sat at my apartment’s office for like… 24 hours. OOPS. Guess what. They were FINE. I donut recommend that, but if you make an OOPS like me, you’re smoothies are equipped to survive.

4. Straw required.

I loved that the smoothie comes in a cup you can then use to drink from… but you need a straw, just FYI.

5. Industrial blender required, basically.

I think my blender is older than I am, so I struggled to get the frozen-hard ingredients to be smoothie smooth. If you have a blender from this decade, you’re probably fine.

6. You need a base liquid.

All the smoothies require a liquid, and they will make a recommendation. Either almond milk or coconut water.

7. You can add a *little* bit of your own flavor.

I started to add some things into it (a little bit! otherwise it won’t fit back in the cup!) Just some extra spinach/blueberries/strawberries.

8. The flavor pairings are inspiring.

I didn’t add extra ingredients to most of my smoothies because I didn’t want to mess up the beautiful favor balance that already was!

9. It’ll make you wanna Insta.

Whether you’re at the pool with your smoothie, or (like me) drinking it while driving on a beautiful morning with the windows down on the way to work, you’re gonna wanna take a pic. I can’t explain it. It’s just too cute not to snap it.

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