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Remote Houston Returns to the Alley Theatre

Y’all I am so excited to share this news with you. Remote Houston has returned to the Alley Theatre for a second session of performances. I had the opportunity to attend a Remote Houston performance earlier this summer and it was MIND BLOWING. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The performance went like this…we met at the Alley Theatre and took the Metro Rail to a graveyard into quite eat of Downtown. We donned some headphones and the experience began. Participants were transported via the robotic, Siri-like voice in the headphones to what felt like a weird meditative state. We were encouraged to feel the grass beneath our feet, hear the wind, notice the warmth of the sunshine, observe the gravestones and imagine that’s person’s life.

The voice of Heather (the robotic narrator) lead us through a bizarre journey around Houston. Fifty people followed her voice through parks, on the metro rail, underground tunnels, into parking garages, and even to the top of the Chase Tower.

remote houston alley theatre

remote houston alley theatre

Observation Deck on top of the Chase Tower

Without questioning her directions, we did as we were told: we clapped for metro riders, protested silent as we crossed downtown streets, danced at train stops, had a mini race across a downtown block, among many other things. Honestly, innocent bystanders around Houston has just as much fun watching us as we had listening to Heather.

remote houston alley theatre

Crowding together and taking this picture in this weird reflective mirror in a park was one task we completed

All in all it was a super incredible experience that made me rethink Houston, art and the idea of performance. At times it was a fairly existential experience because it was hard to tell where the performance ended and life began. When you put on those headphones, you become part of the show. You become art.

The show starts at 4pm on a Thursday, so you might need to get off work early. Given that the Chase Tower observation deck closed earlier this summer, the route for the performance might change as well since I attended back in April. But I can guarantee that its worth every penny and every second you need to take off work. It was a truly transformational experience that brought theatre and Houston to life in such an innovative, inspiring way.

Tickets are $34 (use promo code: repeat). The new dates for the show are:

Be sure to get your tickets quickly because the show is sure to sell out fast!

If you go, let us know what you think! We’d love to hear about your experience and what the new route is like!


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